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2020 NFL Draft: Giants Could Have Ten Picks

The NFL has yet to release the list of compensatory draft picks for the upcoming NFL Draft, perhaps due to the proposed rule in the new CBA regarding core veterans, but no one is for sure.

The league usually awards the picks before the NFL Combine, which is ongoing as we speak. The New York Giants have a lot to gain in this draft in which they are projected to have nine selections. They will have seven of their own picks plus three possible compensatory selections.

The Giants have the fourth overall pick in Round One and Pick #36 in Round Two. They traded their third rounder to the Jets (#68) in the Leonard Williams deal but are expected to receive a third round comp pick (#101?) for losing Landon Collins in free agency last March.

They own their picks in rounds four through seven (#s 110. 151, 183 and 219), have the Saints’ seventh rounder from the Eli Apple trade and are in play to receive two more compensatory sevenths for losing Josh Mauro and Mario Edwards in free agency last year.

There is still the possibility that general manager Dave Gettleman trades back in the first round for more draft capital, but we’d have to see that to believe it.

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