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7 teams that could call Giants if Odell Beckham Jr. hits the trade block

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There is no current indication at all that the Giants are actually interested in trading Odell Beckham Jr., or that they will be in the future. If somebody calls, they’ll probably listen, but for them to seriously consider an offer, they’d have to be blown away.

But what if their phone rings in the next few months and someone makes a serious offer? Who would likely do that? And what kind of offer would that be?

Here’s a look at who might be interested in trading for the Giants’ star receiver and what they have to offer if the Giants ever entertain trading him at all.

1) Oakland Raiders

Consider them Prime Suspect No. 1 for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is Jon Gruden is a total wild card. The Raiders also have three first-round picks this year – Picks 4, 24 and 27. And they’re also currently holding two first-rounders in 2020 thanks to the Khalil Mack trade. Any offer for Beckham has to start with one first-round pick — probably two — plus more. The Raiders certainly can afford to give up two, and they have to replace the traded Amari Cooper.

Oh, by the way, they also need a star attraction for when they move to Las Vegas.

2) San Francisco 49ers

They had some interest a year ago to give a star receiver to their newly acquired quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. They still desperately need that receiver, but they aren’t overloaded with top draft picks. That said, they do have the No. 2 pick this year. Think the Giants might like to have two picks in the Top 6? That adds some value if they can put enough other picks in the package.

3) Cleveland Browns

They’ve long been considered a possibility because of Beckham’s friendship with Jarvis Landry, but are the Browns really going to want two receivers locked into contracts worth $165 million? Sure, their offense would be scary, but they’ve got a lot of young talent to pay and could be short cap room in the near future.

They also are overloaded with mostly late-round picks, and that just won’t do it. Would they part with the 17th overall pick and a young player like safety Jabrill Peppers? That still doesn’t feel like enough.

4) Miami Dolphins

They never did replace Landry, so they certainly have a gaping hole in their lineup. If new coach Brian Flores is anything like his old boss, Bill Belichick, a star receiver might not be his priority. They also don’t have a lot of cap space and may be on the hunt for a new franchise quarterback. They have a little more than their first-rounders this year and next year to give up. That doesn’t seem wise.

5) Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is so good, and the weapons around him are so average. Imagine Beckham on that team playing with T.Y. Hilton. The Colts have plenty of cap room. They also have their first-rounder (26th overall) and two second-rounders, including the high one they got from the Jets last year.

They could give up all three and use their $100 million or so in cap room to plug their holes, and they’d be an instant Super Bowl threat.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers

This does not seem like the Steelers’ style at all, but they are looking to dump Antonio Brown and his headaches – cap and otherwise. How does a Brown for Beckham swap sound?

Each guy gets a fresh start. Each team gets a different type of problem. Brown is a little older, but generally more durable, and at times, he’s put up better numbers. The expense is about the same, but he’s not signed for as many years. Feels like the Steelers would be getting the better of this deal.

7) Arizona Cardinals

They’ve got a young quarterback and a star receiver on the verge of retirement. If they get Beckham to replace Larry Fitzgerald that would be quite a coup. They have the standard allotment of picks, but one of them happens to be the No. 1 pick in this draft.

That’s a lot to give up, but what if they gave the Giants the ticket to Nick Bosa and something else for Beckham? They’d have to think about it. Or how about a swap of first rounders and CB Patrick Peterson, who asked for a trade in the middle of last season?

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