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Are European casinos better than American ones?

Europe and USA are two different worlds when it comes to online gambling, so it’s understandable that there is a great difference between a European Online Casino and a US-facing one. Even with the recent wave of legalization of online gambling in USA, some notable differences still stand out, and we’ll take a look at what those are. It is important to know them, since EU casinos can now accept customers from many US states. Learn the differences and make the right choice!

Shady casinos and sportsbooks

First and foremost, all online casinos and sportsbooks that originated in USA have a shady background and they can’t help it. This is caused by the simple fact that gambling has been illegal for more than a decade, and is still illegal in many states. That means that the only way to have an online casino and accept customers is to do it under the radar, circumventing all possible problems and issues just to be able to accept the gambler’s money and then pay him when he wins. Brands like Bovada, 5Dimes and Pinnacle are the three main brands – and none of them can stand up to even a mediocre European brand when it comes to overall quality of doing business.

European gambling is a serious business

European sportsbooks and online casinos tend to do things by the book. There are still many brands that are launched without wanting to develop a long-standing reputable brand, but those that do want to go down that route do it well. Bet365 is the finest and best-known example, and there are numerous other quality European casinos to choose from. While American brands are a bit stuck in the early 2000s regarding website design (and everything else from a technical standpoint), in Europe it’s very easy to launch a new casino as the software reached the point where you can plug & play. This is the result of decades of healthy business development of this vibrant niche. There are whole cities – whole countries even (Malta) – dedicated to the gambling industry.

European slot games are second to none

While Rival and some other smaller slot developers are doing very well on the US market, the very long time spent in the underground has halted the technological progress in this niche. In Europe, on the other hand, virtual reality slot games are being developed, as well as some slots that remove the difference between a slot game and a traditional game – Castle Builder I and II are the best of these. Not even Asian slot developers can compete with the potency of European slot game developers. All this comes from a healthy business environment and healthy competition. And, of course, a market of over 500 million people (though saturated and plagued with different legislation).

Explosion of gambling in USA is pending

If we already stated that gambling in Europe is flying high because of a healthy business environment, what will happen when USA allows gambling in general to step out of the darkness and into the light where everything is regulated? Well, this process will take a long time and it’s not certain that USA – US states, to be more precise – will go down that route. This is a learning process for a country that now takes its first steps in the regulated online gambling market, and there will be some growing pains.


If you want a top quality product, you will be choosing a European online casino and a European slot game. That’s just how it is. American products are at least 10-15 years behind in terms of quality. So, if you have an opportunity to play at a European casino, make sure to do so. Plus there’s another advantage – you can take the European casino’s money and spend it in the USA! And that’s exactly what a patriot would do.

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