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Best betting apps

While most of the betting apps simply don’t apply to players from most US states, it doesn’t hurt to see top rated sports betting apps and at least see what has progress brought to regulated markets – especially since a lot of US states are moving towards regulation. Betting apps are cool, betting apps are great, and you want to use them when you have access to them. Let’s have a look what might soon be available in the USA, or perhaps already is available in some states.

Best apps in the UK

United Kingdom is at the forefront of mobile betting apps, because, first of all, the market is regulated. And on that regulated market you got a plethora of quality trustworthy bookmakers that have been there since forever, such as Betfair, Bet365 or 888Sport. It’s these three that boast the best betting apps in the world, especially the first two that are racing neck-and-neck to try to become the best mobile betting app out there. Coral is not too bad, and neither is Betfred.

Why use betting apps

Players in the USA rarely have access to mobile-first design sportsbooks, and most seem to have stopped in time somewhere around the turn of the century. This is just one thing the gambling ban brought to the market. In regulated markets, operators do their best to use the latest technology and they can make the financial investment without worrying that it will all go away tomorrow, since the market and regulation are stable.

This allowed European and UK operators to offer cutting-edge technological solutions to their players, and over the years most sportsbooks have decided to do a redesign at one point or another, and now you can barely find a EU or UK bookmaker with obsolete web design.

Betting apps take this a step further, and this platform allows for improved navigation and ease of use, so it is the preferred choice. It’s far better to use a mobile app if your bookmaker has it than to visit the mobile version of the website. While most modern sportsbook websites are excellent and easy to use, they’re still suffering from information overload, which is a problem mobile apps do not have as they’re built from scratch to only include the important stuff.

Bet365 mobile app is coming to New Jersey

The benefits of the US market moving toward regulation will first be felt by the residents of New Jersey – and Newyorkers who are clever enough to go to NJ to place their bets.

Long story short, Bet365 mobile betting app might soon be available in New Jersey, though there is no set date yet and this is all a learning process for both the regulators and the pioneer sportsbooks that crossed the Atlantic first, such as Bet365. If their app will be available in New Jersey, definitely do try it out if you can.

Be on the lookout for betting apps that might become available in your region, and don’t be lazy about it – betting apps are awesome. As soon as modern bookmakers start offering their services to US players, you’ll see what have you been missing for all these years since UIGEA was introduced in 2006. There’s a lot of tech progress that’s been made in 13 years since, and US players will soon have access to it. Betting apps are one of those things.

Don’t get caught playing at the same 2004-style sportsbook but be open to new things – they’re coming to select USA states faster than you think.



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