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Bold NFL draft predictions: Giants QB surprise, Jets trade

Think you know everything that’s going to happen in this week’s NFL draft and how it’ll go down?

You don’t. Neither do NFL general managers, coaches and scouts. The NFL draft is one of the biggest crapshoots in sports.

That said, here are five predictions on things you might not think will happen in this draft:

1. The Giants will not draft a quarterback in the first round.

This would be vintage Dave Gettleman, the unpredictable Giants general manager who’s developed a reputation as a brash GM who doesn’t care what you think or cave to what his fan base wants. The Giants have two picks in the first round, Nos. 6 and 17. Conventional thinking has the Giants taking a defensive player at No. 6 and a potential successor to Eli Manning with the 17th-overall pick.

They desperately want an edge pass-rusher and would celebrate if Kentucky’s Josh Allen falls to them, but are more realistically looking at the likes of Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat or Florida State’s Brian Burns at No. 6.

As for No. 17, maybe the Giants stick with improving their defense. Gettleman has been clear that he believes the defense cost the team at least three wins in the second half of last season.

At No. 17, it’s likely that Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray, Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins and either Missouri’s Drew Lock or Duke’s Daniel Jones would be gone by the time they pick again. Perhaps the Giants will look to a Day 2 pick of Buffalo’s Tyree Jackson, West Virginia’s Will Grier or N.C. State’s Ryan Finley. Can you imagine the outrage among Giants fans desperate for a new franchise quarterback if none is drafted on Day 1?

2. The Jets trade out of the No. 3-overall pick.

Considering the fact general manager Mike Maccagnan has figuratively had an “open for business” sign hanging from his neck for months, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the Jets trade back in the first round. They have only six picks in this draft, including no second-rounder, and still have many needs. Maccagnan would love to at least recoup the second-round pick he traded away when he moved up and drafted Sam Darnold last year. There is enough defensive firepower on the board that if the Jets move back just a few slots, they still could land a top defender in the first round while also adding some picks.

3. The Cardinals draft Kyler Murray … and don’t trade Josh Rosen.

Two moves are assumed for the Cardinals: They’re going to draft Murray, whom new Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury is believed to covet, and they’ll trade Rosen, whom they drafted in the first round last year. A year ago, the Cardinals packaged their first-round pick, third-round pick and fifth-round pick to move up in the draft to get Rosen.

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If the Cardinals pick Murray with the first-overall selection, that obviously means they believe Murray is their quarterback of the future and Rosen is not. But what if they draft Murray and keep Rosen? There’s little chance they would be able to recoup the value of picks they traded away for Rosen last year. The sophomore is due only $6.19 million over the next three years, which makes him cheap by even backup quarterback standards.

4. Dwayne Haskins will be the third or even fourth quarterback drafted.

Just a few months ago, it looked like Haskins would be the top quarterback drafted. Then Murray wowed scouts at the NFL Combine and leapfrogged Haskins. Now there’s been talk of Haskins being slow and not mobile enough for the NFL’s liking. Suddenly, his record numbers at Ohio State — 50 TD passes while completing 70% of his passes — seem overlooked.

There has been recent talk of Missouri’s Drew Lock climbing teams’ draft boards. Maybe Haskins, whom many believed the Giants might take at No. 6, will be available when they pick again in the first round at No. 17. Lock is experienced, having started 38 games over the past three seasons. Maybe that seasoning will make him a more valuable pick than Haskins on Thursday night.

5. The 49ers will trade out of the No. 2 pick.

This would be highly popular in the Jets draft room because it could make Nick Bosa available if a team trades up with the 49ers to pluck one of the quarterbacks. Bosa, as good as he is, is not a perfect fit for what the 49ers do on defense.

Could the Giants, who desperately want a pass-rusher, trade up to No. 2 and pick Bosa? They have 12 picks in this draft, which equals a lot of capital with which to play.

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