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Chase Daniel Emerges As An Option For The NY Giants In 2019

Chase Daniel did enough on Thanksgiving to emerge as a “bridge” quarterback option for the NY Giants in 2019.

As I was watching Chase Daniel successfully operate a modern day “dink-and-dunk, mistake free, quick release” offense on Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but think of Case Keenum.

Keenum, the guy who current Giants head coach Pat Shurmur helped earn $25 million in guaranteed money this past offseason after going 12-3 as a starter for the Vikings in 2017.

This is also made me think of a potential Giants-Bears trade this offseason.

Daniel’s cap hit of $4 million this season to be Chicago’s backup is an interesting number.

How could a backup who has started only two games over the course of nine years:

A) Still be on a roster as a legitimate backup?

B) Be making that much money?

You know why?

Because teams like the Saints, Chiefs, Eagles, and Bears (the teams he’s played for) understand that he can step in and do what he did against the Lions on Thanksgiving.

Daniel Completed 27 of his 37 passes on Thursday for two touchdowns while posting a passer rating of 107 in Chicago’s win over Detroit.

Sure, he’s limited. Obviously, there’s a reason he’s been a backup for nine seasons.

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But he is the perfect “bridge” quarterback for a team like the Giants who have all of the offensive pieces to be a top 10 offense (even if they may not be a legitimate Super Bowl contender next season).

Shurmur has made a living out of getting the most out of average quarterbacks – Keenum, Sam Bradford, and Nick Foles.

And Daniel has now been coached by Sean Payton, Andy Reid, Doug Pederson, and Matt Nagy in his NFL career – some of the best offensive minds in the game.

After getting rid of Patrick Omameh a few weeks ago, the Giants will likely receive a fourth-round compensation pick.

Which means they will have three fourth-round picks in this April’s draft.

Dishing out a fourth-round pick for Daniel, who has a cap hit $17 million less than current starter Eli Manning, would be more than fair and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their future (in terms of draft capital).

It’s something to think about.

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