Are the New York Giants a racist franchise? Did they select Duke quarterback Daniel Jones over Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 pick of the 2019 NFL Draft because of skin color? Cris Carter thinks so.

“I just can’t go on without saying this. If Dwayne Haskins, as an African-American, goes to Duke and puts up those mediocre stats – seventh in the conference. He’s not drafted day one or damn day two,” Carter said on First Things First. “So when you start talking about ‘a guy can’t comprehend’ – that stuff is racial.”

Fellow co-host Nick Wright agreed with Carter’s assessment and took it a step further, saying if Jones were an African American, all 32 NFL teams may have passed him over completely.

“He might not have been drafted at all,” Wright said. “We might be at a place right now in the NFL that teams are okay when they weren’t before with the black quarterback that’s real athletic and runs around. And does some things that used to be, ‘oh, that used to be a college quarterback.’

“But this is a black quarterback that’s not real athletic, that is just a drop-back passer. He’s going to have to beat you with his brain and his arm. It’s like, ‘oh, he doesn’t run? He’s not athletic? Well, eh, I’ll go with this 6-5 white kid from Duke because he reminds me more of the quarterbacks I’ve seen.’”

The panel then quoted Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, who claimed he fell in “full bloom love” with Jones after three series at the Senior Bowl, implying that’s all they needed to choose the white player over the black player.

That, of course, is not steeped in reality as the Giants met extensively with all available quarterbacks, including Kyler Murray, who went No. 1 overall, and Haskins, who had multiple visits and workouts with team leading up to the draft.

At the time of the pick, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey expressed similar sentiments.

This isn’t the first time the Giants have faced criticism and scrutiny over the skin color of their quarterbacks. Until the 2017 regular season, the team had never started a black quarterback in their history.

That changed when Geno Smith briefly took over for Eli Manning, but that adventure was short-lived and ultimately got both general manager Jerry Reese, who is also an African American, and head coach Ben McAdoo fired.

Manning returned to his post a week later and has remained under center since, and will start once again in 2019. And when it’s his time to step down, Jones will step in.