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Daniel Jones’ immediate Giants future: Even Vegas is clueless

The Giants didn’t draft Daniel Jones to sit him.

That’s the theory being presented by Circa Sports, a new Las Vegas sportsbook that set the Over/Under at 7.5 for which game Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones will make his first career start this coming season — a Week 7 home showdown against No. 1 pick Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. A source at Circa Sports, which opens June 1, confirmed to The Post that the wager doesn’t refer to the total number of starts Jones will make, as otherwise reported.

In a vacuum, betting the under would likely lead to a payday. Since 2014, 10 of 12 signal-callers taken in the top 10 have ended up taking the reins by Week 4, with Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen starting at minimum 11 games this past campaign.

Jones, to the shock of many in the football community, ended up being selected by the Giants with the sixth overall pick, but so far, GM Dave Gettleman seems to be sticking to following the “Kansas City” and “Green Bay” models he’s floated to the media. That would mean sitting Jones for up to three years, behind Eli Manning or perhaps another veteran down the road, and hoping Jones is ready for the spotlight thereafter, à la Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, A.K.A. two NFL rarities.

“We know enough not to believe everything management says about what they’re going to do, and we put little to no value in that,” the Sportsbook’s manager Chris Bennett told The Post on Monday. (Gettleman did once declare non-stop, “We didn’t sign [Odell Beckham] to trade him” only to ship the star wideout to Cleveland months later.)

The Giants could then follow their own model, should a 38-year-old Manning struggle early to “win games and keep [Jones] off the field” — as coach Pat Shurmur bluntly put it post-draft — and carry the franchise back to the playoffs for the second time since taking down Tom Brady, Part II, in 2011. Seven years earlier, Manning snagged the starting job from a 33-year-old Kurt Warner in Week 11 with Big Blue off to a 5-4 start, and he hasn’t relinquished the Giants throne since.

So, why Week 7 for Jones?

The Giants were 1-6 at that point last season, well out of the postseason conversation before a late run to 5-8 perpetuated false hope, and as Bennett put it kindly, “the market doesn’t think highly of their chances this year.”

Week 6?

“I’m guessing most teams wouldn’t want their rookie quarterback’s first start to come at New England against Bill Belichick,” Bennett said.

So, the next week against Murray’s Cardinals it is.

But then again:

“Maybe he won’t start a single game.”

When it comes to the Giants and the curious mind of Gettleman, even Vegas doesn’t know.

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