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Dwayne Haskins continues to be most popular mock draft pick for New York Giants

Let’s get caught up on mock drafts around the Internet

In advance of this week’s 2019 NFL Combine, let’s get our Mock Draft Tracker up to date. We have 30 mocks in our current tracker, and predictably 20 (67 percent) have the Giants selecting Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Let’s focus, though, on the newly-released three-round mock draft from Dan Kadar of SB Nation’s Mocking The Draft.

Kadar, as he has consistently done, gives the Giants Haskins at No. 6 overall. Two real reasons, though, for highlighting Kadar’s draft. His second-round pick for the Giants (37th overall) is Alabama linebacker Mack Wilson. The Giants don’t have a third-round selection, of course, and that makes it worth mentioning that Kadar lauds the depth of the draft:

In projecting 102 picks, some of the strengths of the draft begin to stand out. Everyone is well aware of the quality of the defensive linemen at the top of the draft. But the deeper you go, the tight ends, guards, and cornerback classes show themselves.

Eight of the Giants’ 10 picks in the upcoming draft are from Rounds 4-7. I continue to believe that GM Dave Gettleman will try to use some of that capital to move up and get at least one more pick in the top 100.

Let’s focus a bit on Kadar’s choice of Wilson for the Giants in Round 2. I thought it was interesting with players like Alabama safety Deionte Thompson, Michigan linebacker Devin Bush and a host of offensive line options still on the board. Unfortunately, Kadar’s post offers no explanation for his second- and third-round choices.

In Chris’s look at the linebacker depth chart heading into the Combine, he has Wilson ranked as the No. 4 off-the-ball linebacker. Chris says:

Wilson has prototypical size and athleticism for an off-ball linebacker, as well as a sterling “Alabama” pedigree. If he were more instinctive or played faster, he would be higher on this list, potentially challenging [Devin] White for the top spot. However, there are too many instances where he is a step reacting to what he sees or stuck covering grass while players run past him. Development isn’t linear, and perhaps he can improve the mental part of his game with more experience and NFL coaching.

For more on Wilson, you can check out his scouting reports on The Draft Network. A trio of TDN draft analysts weighed in on Wilson, seeing a high ceiling but also some of the instinct/reaction problems Chris mentioned.

The full tracker is below.

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