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Dwayne Haskins to meet with Giants ahead of NFL Draft

The Giants’ top-30 draft prospect visits continued on Monday with Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins meeting with Big Blue’s brass and visiting their facilities, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. 

The New Jersey native is among the top-5 quarterbacks in the draft, all of which the Giants have hosted or plan to host in the lead up to next week’s NFL Draft. 

The Giants have made it clear that they prefer to have a quarterback in place behind Eli Manning in 2019 to learn from the 38-year-old veteran before taking the reins, but which quarterback that may be is anyone’s guess. 

The question surrounding Haskins is whether or not the Giants like him enough to take with the sixth overall pick. 

Haskins set Big 10 records in his one season as a starter at Ohio State and is regarded by many as the best pure pocket-passer in the draft, but his stock is also reportedly falling and GM Dave Gettleman’s mantra has been to take the best player available, which may indicate they go toward defense with the sixth pick. 

The Giants also have the No. 17 pick in the draft, too, and it is certainly possible he falls that far, but not very likely with so many other quarterback-needy teams drafting between the Giants’ two first-round picks. 

Still, Haskins remains a legitimate option for the Giants among the quarterbacks in the draft which makes his visit that much more important. 

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