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Eagles give Nick Foles the bad news that gives Giants a chance

Nick Foles seems headed elsewhere, and the Giants could join the line for his services.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson ended any type of quarterback-controversy talk Tuesday by saying Carson Wentz is his quarterback, two days after Philadelphia’s 20-14 loss to the Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs.

“Carson is the quarterback going forward,” Pederson told reporters. “And in Nick’s case, we would love to have everyone back throughout the roster. But as I have said many, many times, it’s not about one guy, it’s about the team. We’re going to do what’s best for the team.”

The Eagles have a team option worth $20 million on Foles, though he also could decline it and pay back $2 million to ensure free-agency rights. The Eagles also could slap a franchise tag on him, though that seems unlikely, since it would cost them up to $25 million for a backup quarterback, who will be wanted by others.

“The starter thing, leading a team, impacting a locker room, that’s why we play the game,” Foles told Eagles reporters Monday, signifying he wants his own team to lead. “Everything is open. I love this city. I love this locker room. It’s special. We’ll see.”

Foles led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl title last year after replacing an injured Wentz, and he guided them back to the playoffs this year when Wentz went down again with a back injury.

“Having the option to be a free agent is extremely important,” he said. “Technically, I’m really not under contract right now and that’s something we’ll discuss in the future. It’s a unique situation, it’s a good situation for this team to have. … I have a great relationship with this team and that’s genuine. Ultimately, we’ll make the best decision for both sides and it’ll work out.”

The Giants will have a decision to make, too, with a 38-year-old Eli Manning and a thin crop of quarterbacks in the draft.

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