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Eli and Peyton Manning’s teenage nephew is tearing it up

He’s got Eli’s brown locks, Peyton’s arm and is named after Archie.

Meet the heir to the Manning NFL throne.

Arch Manning — son of Cooper and nephew of the two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks — turned heads Friday night while scrimmaging with the varsity Isidore Newman School team in New Orleans.

The soon-to-be freshman at his dad’s and uncles’ alma mater threw three touchdown passes while wearing a green jersey emblazoned with the No. 16. Maybe there will be Blue in his future.

He’s got two good uncles that have worked on some footwork, and throwing with him a little bit. He does look sound,” Newman varsity coach Nelson Stewart said of the 13-year-old Manning last winter. “If you look at his mechanics and his release, he’s further ahead than most we’ve had. I think he looks the part right now.”

Manning, 6-foot-1, has already secured offers from Ole Miss, where the legends of Eli and Archie grew, and Tennessee, the one-time home of Peyton. His father was once also well on his way to an NFL career before being diagnosed with a rare spinal condition at 18.

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