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Four types of betting on NFL

Want to bet on football and make money? You can, but will have to follow a few ground rules. We will assume you already have an account with one of the reputable bookmakers. If you don’t, you will want to visit bookmaker review websites such as Sportske kladionice and find a good one. When you have a good bookmaker by your side, see what the four types of betting on football are and choose your favorite. Pun intended.

Spread and totals

Most people bet on the spread or the totals, but due to the unpredictable nature of scoring in football variance will be high as your winner can turn into a loser with a touchdown drive in the last minute of the game. When betting on the spread or the totals you therefore need to gain an edge by doing research and recognizing the lines that are wrong. If you’re capable of winning some 60% of your bets you’ll be making money on these bets in the long term. This is easier said than done.

Game props

Some bettors choose to dig a bit deeper and bet on the outcome of a quarter, the number of touchdowns a team will score, the number of points a team will score, the total number of sacks in a game and similar betting markets. These bets all have much lower variance than the spread or totals bet, as the number of sacks is pretty consistent and always fall within the same range. You can also bet on the favorite to score more than 1.5 touchdowns, which will have a greatly reduced price but is a decent way to play a safe NFL bet. In certain cases you might want to play that your team – that doesn’t play defense very well – will score over 27.5 points because you know they will, you just don’t necessarily trust their defense too. It’s these types of bets that can provide a very good return.

Player props

Player prop bets aren’t as popular as you may think. While the spread and the totals can draw millions of dollars worth of bets, individual player props only get a few hundred, perhaps a thousand each. On most there is no action at all. Fantasy players will be particularly good in predicting rush yards, pass yards, number of receptions etc., and they will most likely be able to make money betting player props if they can learn to think in yards, not fantasy points.

Most player prop bets are heavily game-script dependant, so in order to make money betting on player props, you shouldn’t focus on the player but on the game plan the team will have. If you think they’ll establish the run game and will keep it rolling, then by all means, place an over 15.5 carries bet on that favorite running back of yours. Similarly, it’s always the best idea to bet on a quarterback to have ‘over’ passing yards if you think his team will fall behind so much that they’ll abandon the run game and start passing all over the place. Betting on player props is more of a skill game than it is a gamble, as it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to find that good bet, but once you find it it’s likely to win.

Live betting

Live betting on football is for people with a trained eye who can see in which direction is the game heading, especially if it’s the opposite of what the general public (and the bookmaker) believes. For example, you may notice that one team’s defensive line is running on fumes, that a team just can’t establish the run game, or that the star quarterback hasn’t recovered mentally from an interception earlier in the game. If you can identify these situations, you will be making money on live betting on NFL, as live odds are created automatically according to the score, time remaining and position on the pitch. By watching the game you can gain an edge over these automatic odds if you know your football.

That’s it in this guide, choose one of these four styles and get good at the one you pick. Oh, the easiest way to make money betting on NFL is, of course, ‘over’ rushing yards on Saquon Barkley. And you know it. That boy can RUN.

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