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Gambling regulation in USA

Gambling is an activity that goes hand in hand with football, sports betting, drinking beer, chasing girls, having fun. Yet gambling online isn’t easy if you’re an American citizen as due to regulations you can’t just visit any old casino you want, and you can’t just search for Online Slot Reviews either as some slot developers don’t even allow Americans to play their games. For example, there’s no way you’d be able to play any Microgaming game. But there are solutions. Read on.

First and foremost, it’s not illegal for you as an American to gamble online, regardless of which online casino you choose. Banks may cause problems, your deposit may be declined, same goes for credit cards, but you’re not breaking the law. It’s the operator that’s held liable, and fortunately there are many of them that still offer their services to US players from offshore locations.

Regulation by state

Some US states will never legalize any form of gambling, or online gambling. That’s Utah, most likely Texas, and some other Southern states also fall in this same category: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. Thinks aren’t looking great for Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Alaska and Hawaii either.

Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia and New Mexico either legalized gambling, or legalized some part of it such as sports betting, or are on course to legalize it soon. Each state has its own specific rules so if you want to place a sports bet or gamble, it’s best to check what does your state law say specifically. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York and Arkansas could also legalize gambling soon, and twenty more states are considering doing it some time in the future.

At the moment, sports betting is in focus as PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) was ruled to be unconstitutional, and in the coming years we’ll likely see the market opening up to legalized forms of sports betting. But every US state will still have its own rules, so in some it may be legal to visit a local betting shop, in some you’ll have to go to a single designated casino, and in some you can place a bet online legally.

What about casinos?

Online casinos aren’t looking likely to be legalized anytime soon. Everyone is fine with how things are at the moment, Las Vegas is one of the few sanctuarys where you can gamble freely so the entire US population dreams about it, the owners of land-based casinos are happy, and basically if online gambling was allowed then this entire landscape would change. But if you really want to gamble online, there are numerous US-facing offshore online casinos to visit, and those that offer cryptocurrency deposits are particularly helpful as this is a way to have your deposits and withdrawals go through every time. Bitcoin was the solution to this decade-long problem of having your deposit declined and of having to jump through many hoops to receive the money.

Or just go to Vegas!

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