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Giants’ backup QB Kyle Lauletta pleads guilty for charges related to traffic arrest

More than two months since his initial arrest, Giants’ rookie backup QB Kyle Lauletta pleaded guilty Tuesday to a disorderly persons offense and two traffics tickets, according to Pat Leonard of NY Daily News.

Lauletta’s day in court arrived as part of a conditional dismissal of the charges stemming from his Oct. 30 arrest on the way to Giants practice in Weehawken, N.J. The 23-year-old’s original criminal charge of resisting police was dropped, along with all other charges against Lauletta — even those he pled guilty to. The catch? Lauletta must stay out of trouble for 12 months. 

At Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City, the Giants’ 2018 fourth-round pick pleaded guilty to the disorderly persons offense of obstructing the administration of law at a motor vehicle stop. Lauletta also failed to follow the instructions of a police officer to pull over right away. He also did not immediately exit his vehicle, a 2017 Jaguar.

Lauletta also pleaded guilty to two traffic tickets that included making an improper turn and failing to follow the instructions of a police officer. The original allegation that Lauletta nearly hit the officer who was directing traffic while making the turn was not pursued by the prosecution or included in any admission on Lauletta’s part, per the Daily News. 

“Obviously it’s disturbing,” Giants head coach Pat Shurmur then said in an interview with WFAN. “There’s obviously things we’re gonna do internally and sure, there’s consequences for this type of behavior.”

Shurmur fined and disciplined Lauletta by only playing the QB in one game during his rookie season. Lauletta completed none of his five pass attempts with an interception in a Week 14 loss to the Redskins. 

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