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Giants’ Dave Gettleman’s defense of taking Daniel Jones sixth leaves NFL execs confused

Giants GM Dave Gettleman spent most of the NFL Draft defending his selection of Duke QB Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick — which has arguably made the criticism worse. 

Per ESPN’s Mike Sando, who spoke with executives, coaches and talent evaluators around the league, many seem confused by Gettleman’s difficulty to rationalize the pick. 

On a scale of most objectionable to least objectionable thing the Giants have done, the most was passing on Sam Darnold in favor of Saquon Barkley last year, but the least was taking Jones sixth overall once they decided that he was their guy. 

“All Dave has to say is that Jones is their franchise guy and he does not give a s–t what anyone else says,” one executive said. 

Instead, Gettleman has gone out of his way to justify the pick by saying he knew “for a fact” that Jones would not be available if he waited until the 17th pick and bragged to NBC Sports’ Peter King how he has been part of organizations that have had good quarterbacks. 

The former has garnered the most attention, though, with Washington Redskins president Bruce Allen even coming out to say Gettleman would have “no clue” what their draft board looked like. 

While executives around the league think Gettleman made the right move, they are also not sure how he would know “for a fact” where Jones was going to go if they did not take him.

“I would be surprised if Dave Gettleman knew exactly where [Jones] was going to go, but I do believe he thought he would be gone by 17,” another executive told Sando. “If that is the case and he is your guy, just take him. That is good process by him. I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, and certainly Gettleman is not doing a good job selling his visions and actions to the media. It is so weird.”

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