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Giants GM Dave Gettleman on Kyle Lauletta: ‘He’s a work in progress, just like me’

Giants rookie QB Kyle Lauletta did not necessarily have the best first season of his professional career. 

The fourth-round draft pick dressed for just two games, threw five incomplete passes and an interception in the only game he appeared in, and also was arrested for a traffic violation after nearly hitting a police officer with his car in Weehawken, N.J. 

Yet Giants GM Dave Gettleman did not sound ready to give up on the 23-year-old as a player or a person during his end of the season press conference on Wednesday. 

“We drafted him in the fourth round, he did some nice things in training camp, he did something silly in Hoboken or Fort Lee or wherever the hell it was,” Gettleman said. “He did something silly there. He’s developing. He’s like anybody else.”

Gettleman continued to come to Lauletta’s defense by driving the latter point home and likening the rookie quarterback’s experience to himself and the writers in the room. 

“I’m going to be a little bit of a jerk here, maybe, to some of you,” he said. “How many of you guys wrote Pulitzer-winning articles your first year as reporters? … but you understand what I’m saying? He’s a kid. I’m a kid. You’re kids. We make mistakes. None of us are perfect. Hopefully we learn. 

“To answer your question, Kyle is a work in progress, just like me.”

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