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Giants GM: We’re ‘still evaluating’ whether to use franchise tag on Landon Collins

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Beckham signed a lucrative deal with the Giants less than a year ago, but it didn\’t help the team in the first season of it. The Giants might do well to do a teardown with Eli Manning clearly approaching the end of his career. Jacksonville is in desperate need of offensive weapons, and Jags head honcho Tom Coughlin was the Giants head coach when Beckham was drafted. On the other hand, elite cornerback Jalen Ramsey has already gained a reputation for talking a bit too much, and New York would give him more of the limelight.

Vincent Carchietta / USA Today Sports Images

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Bell is looking to get paid after holding out for all of 2018, and the Jets fulfill the requirements as a team in need of a running back and with plenty of money. He would be utilized well in new head coach Adam Gase\’s offense and could also help Sam Darnold.

Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports Images

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Bridgewater could sign somewhere to compete for a starting job, but the best long-term situation may be right under his nose. Drew Brees could be entering the final season of his career, and Bridgewater continues to develop his skill set behind arguably the most accurate quarterback ever in Sean Payton\’s offense with an eye toward starting in 2020.

Chuck Cook / USA Today Sports Images

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Brown seems as good as gone from Pittsburgh after ruffling feathers late in the season. Not many teams need a wideout more than San Francisco heading into the offseason, and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and head coach Kyle Shanahan together are highly capable of getting Brown the ball as much as he pleases.

Philip G. Pavely / USA Today Sports Images

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Brown revitalized some of his value with a healthy 2018 season in Baltimore, particularly while Joe Flacco was still under center. He\’s looking to cash in this offseason, and reuniting with former Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians could be a nice fit with DeSean Jackson possibly wanting out of town.

Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports Images

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Ronald Jones is already looking like a bust after only one season, as he saw just 30 touches after being picked in the second round by the Bucs. The team would probably love to have Le\’Veon Bell, but if not, another versatile back like Coleman is a good fallback. The former Falcon has strong ability as a receiver, a feature Bruce Arians has used well in the past with backs like David Johnson, and still wouldn\’t be an absolute roadblock if Jones does show something in his sophomore season.

Jason Getz / USA Today Sports Images

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Regardless of Eric Berry\’s health, the Chiefs are in need of safety help. They also recently hired former Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who helped Collins develop into an elite player to start his career. The marriage is perfect if the Chiefs can find a way to fit Collins under the cap.

Danielle Parhizkaran / USA Today Sports Images

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Rob Gronkowski\’s future is in question after contemplating retirement last offseason and missing time to injuries in 2018. The Patriots will be in need of more receivers regardless of Gronk\’s status with Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson and Phillip Dorsett set for free agency this offseason. Cook is clearly the best tight end available and would be a great addition for the Patriots offense.

Cary Edmondson / USA Today Sports Images

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Fitzpatrick has made the rounds during his lengthy career, starting games under center for seven different organizations. While a starting job could be tough to come by, Fitzpatrick could challenge the injury-prone Marcus Mariota in Tennessee. Fitzpatrick already spent one year with the Titans in 2013 and is arguably a better thrower than Mariota. After missing the playoffs due to Blaine Gabbert, the Titans could use a better backup, at the very least.

Robert Deutsch / USA Today Sports Images

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Flowers has been an excellent asset for the Patriots over four seasons but now figures to be paid in free agency. With Ezekiel Ansah potentially leaving, the Lions have a spot for a defensive end, and former Pats defensive coordinator Matt Patricia would certainly like to reunite with the productive Flowers.

Greg M. Cooper / USA Today Sports Images

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The Jaguars regressed last season after reaching the AFC championship in 2017, but some still feel they\’re just a quarterback away from competing for a Super Bowl with a defense that remains extremely talented. Recently, the Jags hired John DeFilippo to run the offense. DeFilippo was Philadelphia\’s quarterbacks coach in 2017, which could be a major draw for Foles to join Jacksonville.

Chuck Cook / USA Today Sports Images

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Gore returned home to Miami last season at age 35 and was productive alongside Kenyan Drake with 4.6 yards per carry. Unfortunately his season ended in mid-December with a foot injury. The future Hall of Famer would love to play in 2019, and he earned that right based on his productive last season. Hopefully, the Dolphins have interest in bringing him back to finish his career.

Steve Mitchell / USA Today Sports Images

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The Bears will almost certainly be employing a new kicker in 2019 after Cody Parkey\’s miraculous \”double doink\” that ended their season. Gould remains arguably the most popular kicker in Bears history, but his career in Chicago ended unceremoniously after training camp in 2016. Since then, Gould has been deadly accurate for the Giants and 49ers, and happens to be a free agent. Returning to the Bears would be the perfect fit for team and player.

Kyle Terada / USA Today Sports Images

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Houston has had a productive career in Kansas City over eight seasons, but he\’s one of the team\’s highest-paid players and has garnered the injury-prone label. He will likely have to restructure his contract to return to K.C., so a trade is a possibility. Falcons assistant general manager Scott Pioli drafted Houston when he was running the Chiefs, and the linebacker is a Georgia native. The fit is all too convenient if Atlanta can afford him.

Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today Sports Images

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Humphries could get a big contract after a huge season in Tampa, finishing with 76 receptions for 816 yards and five scores in 2018. While Green Bay went heavy at wideout in last year\’s draft, Aaron Rodgers was still clearly devoid of reliable targets beyond Davante Adams. Humphries has caught more than 70 percent of targets over the last two seasons and is potentially an excellent replacement for Randall Cobb.

Kim Klement / USA Today Sports Images

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Keenum struggled with Denver after an excellent season with Minnesota in 2017, and following the acquisition of Joe Flacco, the Broncos are unlikely to keep Keenum around as a backup for 2019 due to the salary implications. His path back to Minnesota is too convenient, as former Texans head coach and Broncos front office member Gary Kubiak was hired as assistant head coach and offensive adviser following the 2018 season. Plus, the Vikings probably wouldn’t mind a little competition for Kirk Cousins to potentially light a fire under him after a somewhat disappointing season.

Isaiah J. Downing / USA Today Sports Images

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Dallas would probably like to have its star pass rusher back at any cost, including franchising him for the second straight year. If Lawrence gets away, wouldn\’t it be something if the Raiders added him after refusing to give Khalil Mack his money? The Raiders, one year closer to moving to Vegas, desperately need a player like Lawrence after accumulating a total of 13 sacks during all of 2018.

Matthew Emmons / USA Today Sports Images

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Mathieu played his first five seasons in Arizona under head coach Bruce Arians, who is now in Tampa Bay. The Bucs are in need of help in the secondary, and Mathieu is coming off an excellent year in Houston. It\’s a strong fit for both sides.

John Glaser / USA Today Sports Images

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Matthews is beloved in Green Bay, but he\’s seen more productive days. The six-time Pro Bowler recorded only 3.5 sacks in 16 games last season and is clearly approaching the end of his career. If the Pack don\’t want to bring him back, going to Cleveland would make an excellent ending to his career. His father played for the Browns from 1978-1993, making four Pro Bowls, and Cleveland probably wouldn\’t mind adding more veteran leadership to a young team that has a chance to compete for the playoffs in 2019.

Benny Sieu / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/0/3/03bb7d7d2d249efa9882c7b68bf97ac7e9bf85e8/17.jpg’, title: ‘LeSean McCoy traded to Eagles’, description: ‘

Philadelphia could be on the lookout for a running back with Jay Ajayi headed into free agency following a knee injury. Re-signing him is an option, but bringing McCoy back to Philly would be an even bigger story. The running back struggled in Buffalo\’s offense, averaging only 3.2 yards per carry last season, and he might be able to be had for peanuts in a trade.

Noah K. Murray / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/1/f/1ff32e686010bb6c33b07bfcffa7fae898455085/18.jpg’, title: ‘Kyler Murray drafted first overall by the Cardinals’, description: ‘

New Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury probably wishes he never had such nice things to say about Kyler Murray when he was head coach of Texas Tech, stating that he\’d take Murray with the first pick in the draft. While Arizona drafted Josh Rosen in the first round of last year\’s draft, the jury is still out on him after a terrible rookie season. Arizona happens to own the first pick in the draft, and it would make quite a story if Kingsbury backed up his words and drafted the Heisman Trophy winner.

Jasen Vinlove / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/1/6/16a20f34201471085140cbb1c3fe8d4355d4d0c9/19.jpg’, title: ‘Adrian Peterson signs with Vikings’, description: ‘

Peterson could return to Washington after a surprising 2018 season, but the team is still high on Derrius Guice. Elsewhere, Minnesota is set to lose Latavius Murray in free agency. Could that open the door for Peterson to return? Dalvin Cook has been productive but also extremely injury prone in two seasons with Minnesota, and Peterson could complement his skill set as a backup.

Douglas DeFelice / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/2/f/2f2b60ff1c215a414b185f9f911691ef20818704/20.jpg’, title: ‘Tyrod Taylor signs with Ravens’, description: ‘

Taylor is a free agent after things went south early last year with Cleveland. The mobile quarterback is unlikely to get another starting job, but he could be a nice fit as a backup for young Lamar Jackson, now firmly entrenched as the starter in Baltimore. Taylor is mobile, like Jackson, and things would be coming full circle for him with such a move, as he was drafted by the Ravens in 2011.

Derick E. Hingle / USA Today Sports Images

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A four-time Pro Bowler, Thomas, who was recently released by the Texans, is coming off one of his worst seasons at age 31 and also suffered a torn Achilles late in the year. As a result, his market could be limited, but the Colts would love to add an experienced target to Andrew Luck\’s arsenal. If Thomas is willing to take a significant pay cut, he\’d be a great fit in Indy.

Isaiah J. Downing / USA Today Sports Images

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