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Giants head coach Pat Shurmur on seven straight losses: ‘We just need to keep fighting through it’

As the Giants prepare for their Week 13 matchup against the Packers at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, head coach Pat Shurmur knows the on-field results haven’t been there. Since a 24-3 victory over the Redskins in Week 4, the team has dropped seven straight games and Big Blue’s record sits at 2-9.

Still, Shurmur is trying to find the positives where he can.

“We just need to keep fighting through it,” Shurmur said. “I love the way our guys train. I love the way they work. There are many things that happen in the ballgame that is really good football.”


As the football cliché goes, however, it’s a results-based business. And while the results haven’t been there, Shurmur says the team’s record doesn’t tell the whole story. With a rookie quarterback at the helm, four of the Giants’ last five games have been decided by one score or less.

“For a team like ours, we have things happen — big plays, turnovers — that have affected us in a lot of close games,” Shurmur said. “I appreciate the fact that these guys are tough and resilient and keep playing. The games have been close, and so we just need to find a way to get over the top.

“That will change the way we feel about ourselves, it’ll change the way the fans feel and it’ll change the way everything feels.”

As both the losses and injuries for Big Blue continue to pile up, a team that went into the season as one of the league’s youngest is going to get even younger. It’s a quintessential rebuild, but Shurmur doesn’t think his team is going to simply roll over in the final five games of the season.

“At one point, I used to think that saying your team was young was an excuse,” Shurmur said. “It’s a descriptive term for this team, and it’s important that they figure it out quickly. The good news is even though it hasn’t been quantified with wins, and I get that, that’s the reality of this business, that changes the opinion of everybody when you win.

“Even though that has not happened, I’ve seen the improvements behind the scenes that I think are necessary as we reset this thing and move forward.”   

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