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Giants’ Jerry Schuplinski offers explanation behind Daniel Jones’ struggles

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There is no question that New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has experienced his fair share of struggles early on in his career.

Turnovers in his rookie season were a major problem, as Jones threw 12 interceptions and fumbled the ball 18 times. So far in 2020, his sophomore campaign, Jones has fumbled once and thrown three interceptions. Losing the turnover differential in any given contest is the recipe for failure, and having turned the ball over four times already this year, it seems as if Jones needs more work in the area.

Jones has the leadership and mentorship to alleviate this problem, but it simply hasn’t come together yet. Applying things in practice and learning in the film room is often times the best way to mitigate mistakes in live-action. Jones wasn’t gifted with time, unfortunately, as he replaced Eli Manning in week three of the 2019 regular season.

An unfortunate developmental circumstance for the young quarterback, but he gained essential experience early on in his career. After adding nine-pounds of muscle mass this off-season, DJ has looked visibly stronger, but still struggles with awareness and turnover issues. Things should improve as they go, as the offensive line develops chemistry and Jones becomes more comfortable, but injuries to his primary weapons have significantly limited has potential.

“I certainly [hope], we all hope, we don’t have to wait too long,” Giants’ QB coach Jerry Schuplinski said. “But it is part of the process and is part of the growing pains. Sometimes with some of the younger quarterbacks that I’ve coached, to be quite honest with you, We’ve had the luxury of letting those guys sit and learn in the meeting room and learn on the practice field. Those mistakes have shown up there [in practice] as opposed to on the field.”

The New York Giants aren’t giving up on DJ anytime soon:

The Giants seem to have plenty of faith in their young quarterback, noticing his tangible talents on the field. Solid arm strength, mobility, and the desire to extend plays all make up Jones’ potential. However, his biggest issue remains, but Schuplinski believes this is part of the process in becoming a great quarterback.

“With Daniel, we’re really happy with what he’s done and some of the progress he’s made in this offense, and some of the leadership he’s shown in the plays he’s made,” Schuplinski said. “But we’re just going to continue to harp on the fundamentals being strong with the ball in the pocket making all the good decisions on every play. I think the big thing is just focus on every play. You know, he’s a focused kid, he works hard and we just need to have that focus and concentration every play.”

With a large portion of the 49ers’ starting defense set to miss the week three contest against Big Blue, Jones should have an opportunity to regain his footing and put together a motivating performance. If he can keep the ball in his hands and refrain from throwing any interceptions, that will be a significant step forward in his progression this year.

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