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Giants Mock Draft 2.0 has them beefing up offensive line

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A lot of people sure seem certain that the Giants are going to take Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins with the sixth pick of the NFL Draft – or at least one of the franchise quarterbacks to become Eli Manning‘s heir apparent.

But there are still more than two months left and even the Giants don’t know for sure what they’re doing just yet. Picking something other than a quarterback is absolutely still an option.

So what happens if that’s what they do? It could shake up the Top 10 a bit. Here’s a look at one possible scenario:

1. Arizona Cardinals – DE Nick Bosa, Ohio State

It’s hard to see this changing much between now and the draft, unless something goes horribly wrong at the combine or Pro Days. The league seems to be in general agreement that Bosa is the best player available, and that there’s no quarterback worth trading up for to take with the No. 1 pick. Sure, the Cards could take a quarterback and trade Josh Rosen, but they seemed to go overboard denying that a few weeks ago, and their words will be hard to walk back. Bosa remains the odds-on favorite for this pick.

Previous pick: Bosa

2. San Francisco 49ers – DE/LB Josh Allen, Kentucky

There are a lot of people who think the 49ers are going to trade out of this spot – no, not for Odell Beckham. There probably aren’t any quarterbacks worthy of the No. 2 pick either, but all it takes is for one team to get desperate. Allen seems to be a rising star in the scouting community, which is impressive since opinions of him were already high. A great combine and Pro Day could maybe get him in the conversation for No. 1.

Previous pick: Allen

3. JETS – DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama

This 6-4, 295-pounder thinks he should be the No. 1 pick in the entire draft. Given the increased value of interior pass rushers (see: Aaron Donald) he might have a good case. He likely won’t go higher than this, though, and it’s still hard to see him slipping pass the Jets. No one is completely sure of what Gregg Williams’ defensive plans are for the Jets, but having Williams and Leonard Williams in the middle of a 4-3 is a pretty good place to start.

Previous pick: Williams

4. Oakland Raiders – DE Rashan Gary, Michigan

The search to replace Khalil Mack will leave the Raiders with several intriguing options here – assuming they don’t want to trade down with a team that wants a quarterback. The 6-4, 281-pound Gary isn’t exactly Mack. He was a bit of a disappointment in his final season with the Wolverines. But the talent is there, and surely Jon Gruden will think he can harness it.

Previous pick: Ferrell

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – LB Devin White, LSU

They have to think about a quarterback, don’t they? They’ve recommitted to Jameis Winston, but only through 2019. Yeah, their commitment would look weak if they drafted his replacement, but if they really like one of the ones available it figures to come up when they’re on the clock. Most likely, though, they’ll see that they have the offense to compete, but not the defense. And new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will enjoy finding ways to use White, one of the most athletic defenders in the draft.

Previous pick: White.

6.GIANTS – OL Jonah Williams, Alabama

Everyone has the Giants taking Dwayne Haskins, and they might. It’s really hard to imagine they can justify passing on a potential franchise quarterback two years in a row when their current quarterback is 38 and entering the final year of his contract. But GM Dave Gettleman loves his Hog Mollies and the 6-5, 301-pounder is a good one. He would immediately step in as the starter at right tackle and could be a future starter at left tackle. The Giants believe they can win with better protection for Manning. This would be a great place to start.

Previous pick: Haskins

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

The Jags are moving on from Blake Bortles and it seems likely they’re going to try to get Nick Foles. Assuming they do, don’t they still need a Quarterback of the Future? Yes. But since Foles is 30, his addition buys them time and gives them a reason to address another need. Tom Coughlin is 72 and had a team in the AFC championship game two years ago. He’s not looking at a rebuild. He wants to win now. And Ferrell is a highly productive pass rusher who could start right away.

Previous pick: Lock

8. Detroit Lions – CB Greedy Williams, LSU

If they don’t bring back Ziggy Ansah then pass rusher is a huge need, too. But they are very thin at corner and the 6-1, 182-pound Williams is a terrific cover corner with great speed. He had eight interceptions in his two years at LSU. He’s not the most physical player and could use a few more pounds of muscle. But he can keep up with the fastest receivers in the game.

Previous pick: Jonah Williams

9. Buffalo Bills – DT Ed Oliver, Houston

This seems like a no-brainer if Oliver gets this far. The Bills have to replace Kyle Williams in the middle of their defense, and though the 6-1, 275-pound Oliver is a bit undersized, there’s no doubt he’s a disruptive interior force. He could be a huge boost to the Buffalo pass rush.

Previous pick: Oliver

10.Denver Broncos – QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

Most teams try to settle on a quarterback and build around him overtime. Not so, John Elway. The Broncos GM seems caught in a forever game of Quarterback Roulette. His latest addition is former Ravens QB Joe Flacco, but he’s obviously a bridge quarterback. A bridge to what? Most people think he wants Missouri QB Drew Lock. But if Haskins gets this far, he’ll be hard to pass up.

Previous pick: Jones

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