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Giants’ NFL draft leaves Mike Francesa angry, sad and speechless

The Sports Pope bestows shame onto thy Giants.

Mike Francesa berated Big Blue for shockingly selecting Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the No. 6 overall pick in Thursday night’s draft, blasting the “wrong-headed” Giants hierarchy for putting Eli Manning in no man’s land.

“The Giants have absolutely screwed Eli Manning,” Francesa screamed on his “Mike’s On” app, as captured by his Twitter chronicler @BackAftaThis. “Absolutely screwed him, and I can tell you right now that I think Eli Manning knew this was coming. As a matter of fact, I can’t tell you yet why I knew that, but I do think he knew this was coming.”

It’s unclear if he really knew. That aside, Francesa is referencing the Giants’ plan — spoken ad nauseam by general manager Dave Gettleman —  to contend in 2019 while simultaneously rebuilding.

To Francesa, as well as football pundits and fans alike, the Giants’ best course of action would have been tapping one of the skilled defenders as their first pick. Kentucky star Josh Allen, who went No. 7 overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars, was there for the taking after a slight fall down the board.

Instead, the Giants went with Jones.

“I did not think it would happen. I knew they would add a quarterback, I thought maybe they would trade for [Josh] Rosen,” Francesa said. “I thought maybe they’d add a quarterback in a later round. To me, if they add a quarterback at six, and ignore the defense and ignore rebuilding this team, they have no chance to have a competitive team this year. They have no defense!”

Rosen seemed like a viable trade candidate after his Arizona Cardinals, as fait accompli dictated, picked Kyler Murray No. 1 overall to be their new franchise quarterback.

But the Giants weren’t in love with Rosen at last year’s draft — opting to pass on him and others for running back Saquon Barkley — and their feelings appeared unchanged this time around.

“If you’re rebuilding, why would you bring Eli Manning back?” Francesa ranted on. “As of right now, Eli is a dead man walking because what the Giants, [coach Pat] Shurmur, Gettleman is telling you is, ‘We are already onto next season because we are going to play this quarterback.’ How are they going to possibly compete when they have massive holes everywhere, if they don’t use their biggest chip, the sixth pick, in the draft to get a player who is going to perform for them next year. Daniel Jones can’t help Eli Manning win a game. He can’t help him make a single play.”

Then came subdued Francesa. He seemed defeated by the time the Giants went on the clock with the No. 17 overall pick, which they used to take Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence.

“The New York football Giants, who can’t get out of their own way, who finished last in their division in consecutive seasons for the first time since ’76-77 will select blah blah blah… they took Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence… got it, that’s great.”

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