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Giants’ Pat Shurmur denies hydration comments were shot at Odell Beckham Jr.

Pat Shurmur quickly threw water onto another potential Odell Beckham Jr. controversy. 

The Giants head coach went on WFAN’s Mike Francesa’s show on Tuesday and spoke about kicker Aldrick Rosas. 

“He has the mindset of a football player,” Shurmur told Francesa. “It doesn’t matter to him if he got a good night’s sleep or he was hydrated or any of the sports science stuff. He just goes out there and kicks.”

The word hydration raised a few eyebrows, considering Beckham often needs to receive IVs during games because of dehydration and commented that he “doesn’t like water.”

But the Giants head coach dismissed the notion that what he said was a slight toward one of his players. 

“No, not at all. Not at all. I’m fond of (Aldrick). It’s not a shot at anybody, it’s my perception of things,” Shurmur told reporters on Wednesday. “We’re in an age now where sports science rules, and I’m from an age where it doesn’t matter how much sleep you got, it doesn’t matter what you did, you come to work and you perform. That’s what I see in Rosas. He’s got that football player mentality. That answer had nothing to do with any other player, other than to compliment the fact that he is a tough son of a gun and I appreciate him as a player. 

“Whoever perceived that was way off base. I like kickers that are actual football players, and that’s what he is. He’s a big, tough guy that has kicked the ball well for us.”

Beckham, of course, was recently critical of Shurmur following Sunday’s loss to the Eagles when he expressed it was not in the game plan to attack the Eagles’ depleted secondary. 

Just another day in East Rutherford. 

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