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Giants pick Corey Ballentine, pal purportedly shot by pot-seeking thugs

Giants draft pick Corey Ballentine and his college roommate were asked if they had pot by strangers outside a party, and moments after the two men said no, they were shot, the slain victim’s father said Monday.

Ballentine, a 23-year-old grid star at Washburn University in Topeka, Kan., was wounded, and best pal and teammate Dwane Simmons, also 23, was killed at the off-campus weekend bash.

“[The] Washburn women’s soccer team was having a party,” Simmons’ dad, Navarro, told local KSHB-TV. “It was in walking distance” to the two young men’s home.

“They walked over, you know, had a good time. They were leaving. Some guys rolled up, asked them if they had some smoke for sale. Dwane and Corey said no, and [the men] just drove off and came back around and opened fire.”

The dad said Ballentine told him that the pair had never seen the men before.

Cops said that “dozens” of people were at the party and that detectives were “working leads” and interviewing witnesses but had no suspects.

Ballentine took a bullet to his backside, according to a tweet by an NFL Network reporter. He has been released from the hospital, ABC said.

Ballentine called Simmons’ father after the shooting — but not to talk about what the dad thought.

“I was like, ‘Hey, Corey, congratulations!’ and this and that,” Navarro told KSHB. “Then, when he said, ‘No, Mr. Simmons, it’s not good. We’ve been shot,’ I just, like my heart just dropped.”

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