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Giants QB Eli Manning breaks his pregame routine with an emotional gesture

All signs still point to Eli Manning returning as the Giants’ QB next season, but the 37-year-old did break his pregame routine with a sentimental gesture prior to kickoff against the Cowboys on Sunday.

Manning walked out of the tunnel with his three daughters in tow, and looked like he was surveying the early crowd at Metflife Stadium, according to NY Daily News’ Pat Leonard. All three of Manning’s daughters were wearing their father’s No. 10 Giants jersey.

Soon, the quarterback had photos taken of him and his daughters in the Giants endzone. This was a never-before-seen gesture from Manning, according to Leonard. Manning’s response earlier this week as to whether or not he’ll be Big Blue’s starter in 2019 was also different than usual. 

Though Sunday’s special pregame display may invoke increased skepticism about Manning’s future with the Giants, his teammates and head coach all recently vouched for his return in 2019. Odell Beckham Jr. said he’s got love for the two-time Superbowl champion.

“I love Eli,” Beckham told reporters when asked if he wanted him as his quarterback in 2019. “I’ve been with Eli – he’s the first quarterback I’ve ever had in the league. I threw at him, Manning Camp, high school. There’s a lot of things you want in life. You can’t always get what you want, but at the end of the day I want him to be able to go home and talk trash to his brothers. When it’s his time to go out, I want him to go out the right way.” 

WR Sterling Shepard also said he’d love to see No. 10 in the pocket throwing passes to him next season. And head coach Pat Shurmur doubled down on his confidence in Manning giving the Giants their best chance to win leading up to Week 17.

Still, anything can happen in the offseason. It appears Manning brought his daughters to the field on Sunday with the same sentiment in mind.

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