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Giants’ Saquon Barkley shows off in dodgeball, leads NFC to win Pro Bowl Skills Competition

Is there anything Saquon Barkley can’t do?

The Giants rookie running back was put to the test on Thursday in the Pro Bowl Skills Competition and conquered the showdown like a champion. 

The challenge began with Best Hands, then went to Precision Passing, 40-yard Splash, the Gridiron Gauntlet and ended on an epic game of Dodgeball between the AFC and NFC.

Fans received the chance to watch the best NFL players compete in a game kids enjoy playing in elementary school. The final dodgeball challenge was a best-of-three competiton. The AFC picked off each member of the NFC until the last man standing was also the toughest to hit.

Barkley shimmied to the right, hip-checked to the left and dove to avoid AFC’s attack. Finally, Eric Ebron caught Barkley’s throw to eliminate the running back for a 1-0 AFC lead.

Barkley was back for more in the final with the competition tied at 1 apiece. The teams one-upped to 6-on-6 and the AFC athletes were diminishing before our eyes. The NFC eventually eliminated every single AFC member while keeping their six-man army in tact. 

Barkley celebrated by holding the Pro Bowl Skills Competition trophy, adding another feat to his list. 

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