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Giants WR Golden Tate confused at gas pump in New Jersey

Welcome to New Jersey, Golden Tate. 

The Giants’ newest receiver, signed in March, is becoming acclimated to his new home as the team’s voluntary offseason program began this week at their facilities in East Rutherford. 

But Tate is learning more than just a new playbook — he is also learning about the quirks of living in New Jersey. 

The 30-year-old Tennessee native, who has had previous tenures in Seattle, Detroit and Philadelphia, discovered on Friday that the Garden State does not pump its own gas. 

“Wait… is it a thing for the attendants to pumped (sic) your gas in Jersey?” he asked on Twitter. 

Yes indeed. 

Among the many followers who confirmed this to Tate was former Giants linebacker Devon Kennard

“Ya bro you’re not allowed to pump your own gas,” he wrote. “It tripped me out when I first got out there too. You’ll appreciate it when it’s freezing though.”

Tate responded: “That’s crazy. What’s the appropriate tip?”

It seems as if Tate has a lot of learning to do about his new home state. 

Hopefully someone fills him in on what a jughandle is before he has to turn left on a highway. 

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