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Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. refers to left quad injury as ‘hematoma’

Odell Beckham Jr. has a lot to say.

The Giants’ star wide receiver took time to get the words off his chest in a Facebook video on Friday night, expanding on the injury that’s shelving him for at least two weeks.

Beckham said he initially injured his left quad during the Giants’ Week 12 game against the Eagles when he was tripped on the final play, but still played the following week against the Bears. 

“And there kinda was just like this little hematoma, or bruise, whatever you want to call it. And it was just there,” Beckham said. “I worked on it. I got it dry needled. I got the same kind of treatments I had done.”

OBJ went into his preparation for Week 14 harder than usual. After a very hard practice on Wednesday, one in which Beckham said he had one of his highest speed distances to date, Thursday became a bit of a setback. He said he may need to back off.

“It was the last play, last period of practice. I went and excelled for a ball and I just felt like something weird happened,” Beckham said. “I texted my boy on the way home, immediately. I was like, ‘I think I sprained my quad, I think I pulled my quad,’ something like that.

Beckham called his doctor for another opinion on his quad and soon, the red flags went up.

“Doc came over,” Beckham said. “And he was just working on it and he was like, ‘Do you think you did something more? Because I’m telling you, it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel good.'” 

Shortly after, the 26-year-old drove into New York to get the MRI scan that confirmed Beckham wouldn’t be able to play against the Redskins last Sunday. Beckham is again ruled out for Big Blue’s Week 15 game against the Titans.

At 5-8, the Giants remain a longshot at reaching the playoffs but hopes of New York capturing an NFC wild-card berth is helping Beckham remain optimistic toward his injury. Beckham said he’s been in this situation before, when he sustained a season-ending ankle fracture in Week 5 last season. He played through the pain last year, which made the injury worse. Beckham’s being more cautious this time around.

“I’m feeling better. I’m for sure feeling better. I probably won’t run until the back end of the week,” Beckham said. “Just give it time to heal, settle down and just give it time to relax. You push it now and it could be something that’s worse in the long run.”

Beckham ended the video by writing a letter to his Week 1 self — a monologue full of wisdom on the tough season that unfolded and inspiration to continue working hard no matter the setback. Beckham admitted it’s been a crazy year for him.

“Just got to find a way to win these last few games, which I know we will,” Beckham said. “We’re on a roll. Whether I’m playing or not. Landon’s out. We’re playing at a higher level. We have confidence. So if we can take this energy, this momentum into getting into the playoffs, and play the way that we play, we’re gonna be in pretty good shape.

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