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Golden Tate cracks joke about what number he’ll wear with Giants

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The Falcons prioritized the interior of their offensive line this offseason. They fulfilled their goal by signing Brown and James Carpenter. Their run blocking should be improved significantly, and they made progress without much money to work with.

Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

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The Ravens suffered huge losses on defense this offseason, including Eric Weddle, Terrell Suggs, C.J. Mosley and Za\’Darius Smith. Thomas\’ addition only does so much in filling the holes, but he\’s arguably the best safety in football when healthy.

Ron Chenoy / USA Today Sports Images

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Buffalo has been active in free agency, signing Frank Gore, Tyler Kroft, Cole Beasley and John Brown. The biggest contract was awarded to Morse, who came over from Kansas City. Although he has missed time with injuries over the past two years, Morse is an elite pass blocker and one of the league’s top centers. The team realizes keeping young quarterback Josh Allen upright is critical. Morse got the most expensive contract at the position.

Greg M. Cooper / USA Today Sports Images

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With Ryan Kalil\’s retirement, the Panthers needed a replacement. They found one in Paradis, who signed a three-year contract after a productive early career with the Broncos. With Cam Newton returning from shoulder surgery, offensive line is especially critical.

Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today Sports Images

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Chicago featured an elite defense last year, but the loss of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio threatens that status. Another loss was safety Adrian Amos, but the Bears found a viable replacement in former Packers Pro Bowler Clinton-Dix. He didn\’t have his best season between the Packers and Washington last year. A one-year, $3 million deal gives him extra incentive to play well.

Kim Klement / USA Today Sports Images

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It’s been a quiet offseason for the Bengals, who are coming off a rough year. One free agent they didn’t let get away was Eifert, who was brought back on a one-year deal. Unable to stay healthy over the past three seasons, he has upside, especially in the red zone.

David Kohl / USA Today Sports Images

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There are plenty of candidates for top move for Browns GM John Dorsey. He signed Sheldon Richardson and traded for Olivier Vernon. But the acquisition of Beckham from the Giants stands out. Cleveland traded first- and third-round picks, along with safety Jabrill Peppers, for Beckham, who could have an incredible impact on the offense and second-year quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Bill Streicher / USA Today Sports Images

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Witten left the \”Monday Night Football\” booth to return to Dallas. Although he\’s not expected to play full time, the future Hall of Famer will be a strong presence as a pass-catcher and blocker. No one benefited more from the news than Dak Prescott.

Erich Schlegel / USA Today Sports Images

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Denver made major moves, most notably the acquisition of quarterback Joe Flacco. But the signing of Callahan (three years, $21 million) may provide the biggest impact for new coach Vic Fangio, the Bears\’ former defensive coordinator. Callahan is coming off a strong year and won\’t have much of a learning curve — he\’ll play in the same system he played in with the Bears in 2018. 

Mike Dinovo / USA Today Sports Images

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Flowers, who signed a five-year, $90 million deal, effectively replaces Ezekiel Ansah. If the deal works, it could keep head coach Matt Patricia around for awhile. Flowers, who played for the Patriots in 2018, is a perfect fit for Detroit\’s scheme.

Greg M. Cooper / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/6/d/6da86f2697308ea8b97c685e7837cfb42f631b64/12.jpg’, title: ‘Green Bay Packers: signed OLB Za\’Darius Smith’, description: ‘

Rushing the passer was a problem for the Packers last season, but they addressed the flaw by giving huge contracts to the Smiths (Za\’Darius and Preston). Often underused in Baltimore, Za\’Darius had a breakout 2018 (8.5 sacks) and could be ready to make an even bigger impact as a full-time starter. His four-year, $66 million contract was pricey, but the Packers have craved a big-time pass rusher with Clay Matthews (now with the Rams) breaking down in recent years.

Tommy Gilligan / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/2/6/269807cf11c5962565d7c6dfb3d64f3616131a9d/13.jpg’, title: ‘Houston Texans: signed S Tashaun Gipson’, description: ‘

Houston failed to re-sign Tyrann Mathieu, but Gipson is a fine consolation. The former Jaguar is coming off three strong years with the division rival. He signed for a reasonable three-year, $22.55 million contract. The Texans were able to afford Matt Kalil and Bradley Roby with the savings.

Douglas DeFelice / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/f/1/f1184b5049d3a145f6d213d672626d526f16cf9d/14.jpg’, title: ‘Indianapolis Colts: signed OLB Justin Houston’, description: ‘

Houston nicely fills Indy\’s need for a pass-rusher. The former Chief is no longer elite, but he still recorded 18.5 sacks in 27 games over the past two seasons and is an excellent leader. His two-year, $23 million contract is reasonable.

Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/2/8/28f8ac3e1040f0303139dc7297a4432f56eb3b2c/15.jpg’, title: ‘Jacksonville Jaguars: signed QB Nick Foles’, description: ‘

Foles is a nice fit for the Jags, who finally moved on from the mediocre Blake Bortles. He reunites with offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, who was his quarterbacks coach in Philly in 2017. He has a strong defense and running game in Jacksonville. His four-year, $88 million contract is pricey but necessary for a Jaguars team that wants to win now.

Chuck Cook / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/4/a/4a05a9924fb57a672523ecfa3be0387101f5b48c/16.jpg’, title: ‘Kansas City Chiefs: signed S Tyrann Mathieu’, description: ‘

The Chiefs ranked 31st in total defense last season, so major changes were needed. The first moves were hiring defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and shifting from the 3-4 to 4-3 defense. The team released stars Justin Houston and Eric Berry and traded breakout pass- rusher Dee Ford. The biggest impact replacement so far is Mathieu, a star coming off a great year in Houston. His three-year, $42 million contract is hefty given his injury history, but the Chiefs hope he will transform the defense.

Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/a/b/ab0fa7bfcb61423df93b1da9d4472de5bf5d04a5/17.jpg’, title: ‘Los Angeles Chargers: signed OLB Thomas Davis’, description: ‘

Davis, who turned 36 in March, is one of the oldest defensive players in the league. However, he remains productive, recording 79 tackles in only 12 games for the Panthers last season. He signed a two-year, $10.5 million deal and should shore up the run defense.

Bob Donnan / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/8/6/861e4912ce8822281fafda248d89c765ed3fa08c/18.jpg’, title: ‘Los Angeles Rams: signed S Eric Weddle’, description: ‘

Weddle, who played for the Chargers from 2007-2015, agreed to a reasonable two-year, $10.5 million deal. Although he is one older safeties in the league, Weddle had a terrific 2018 for Baltimore. The 34-year-old has made the Pro Bowl three consecutive seasons.

Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/7/c/7cc2e3fc6fc3c536e4e6b4297543b35bb5401536/19.jpg’, title: ‘Miami Dolphins: signed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’, description: ‘

Fitzpatrick isn’t a franchise quarterback, but he has proved with multiple teams that he can be a fine placeholder. That’s exactly what the Dolphins will be asking of Fitzpatrick, who signed a two-year, $11 million contract. The deal gives the team plenty more budget to revamp other areas; Fitzpatrick is an improvement over Ryan Tannehill.

Robert Deutsch / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/0/0/00c6c5a6fdfd202ca29306bb727c7b538cf97950/20.jpg’, title: ‘Minnesota Vikings: signed RG Josh Kline’, description: ‘

Minnesota hasn’t made many moves but was able to address the offensive line interior by adding Kline. The former Titans guard signed a reasonable three-year, $15.5 million contract and should start.

Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/3/5/35fbf01317257041fbc9db81b9511de20189cd15/21.jpg’, title: ‘New England Patriots: acquired DE Michael Bennett’, description: ‘

New England lost Trey Flowers in free agency but was able to replace him with Bennett at a minimal cost of a late-round draft pick. Bennett, a 10-year veteran, was effective in Philadelphia last season (nine sacks).

Matthew Emmons / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/c/4/c429388386ed9247bd6e7b7b1bf2aab1d48e403e/22.jpg’, title: ‘New Orleans Saints: signed TE Jared Cook’, description: ‘

Tight end has long been a key part of the Saints offense, and the team acquired the best one on the market. Cook is coming off a career year in Oakland (68 receptions for 896 yards and six TDs).He could come close to those numbers in Sean Payton\’s offense.

Cary Edmondson / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/e/1/e12cb74dbd2d16e6c9eb31967c60d63dee7566ab/23.jpg’, title: ‘New York Giants: signed WR Golden Tate’, description: ‘

The Giants made tough choices in the offseason, parting with Landon Collins, Olivier Vernon and Odell Beckham Jr.  Tate, who signed a four-year, $37.5 million contract, is among their few additions. He isn’t Beckham, but he remains a strong possession receiver who should help offset the loss of the star.

Eric Hartline / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/9/8/9898e5567758a1ab70d38d3756a61c7328965d28/24.jpg’, title: ‘New York Jets: signed RB Le\’Veon Bell’, description: ‘

The Jets, long a favorite to sign Bell, got him for a reasonable four-year, $52.5 million deal. He adds a new dimension to the Jets offense and should take pressure off young quarterback Sam Darnold. 

Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/3/5/354b69e9f3d79a2a9716ec23a41ff6f948f4ff12/25.jpg’, title: ‘Oakland Raiders: acquired WR Antonio Brown’, description: ‘

The Raiders acquired the star wideout from Pittsburgh, which had to deal him, for third- and fifth-round picks. Brown immediately makes Oakland\’s offense relevant, though it remains to be seen how productive Brown will be with Derek Carr at QB. 

Philip G. Pavely / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/c/7/c7c89aba3a6f252fbaba146f54fbd98adf4fc404/26.jpg’, title: ‘Philadelphia Eagles: acquired RB Jordan Howard’, description: ‘

Philadelphia acquired the three-year vet from Chicago for the minimal cost of a 2020 sixth-round pick. Howard is limited as a pass-catcher but already has two 1,000-yard rushing seasons in the NFL. 

Brad Penner / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/f/d/fdbb34aa880a7e2759867cb2758e98815b1598e1/27.jpg’, title: ‘Pittsburgh Steelers: signed CB Steven Nelson’, description: ‘

It has been a rough offseason for the Steelers, who traded Antonio Brown and Marcus Gilbert for minimal returns while rival Cleveland got better. The Steelers successfully addressed a hole at cornerback by signing Nelson to a three-year, $25.5 million contract. The former Chief draws too many penalties, but he was effective as a slot corner before he moved outside last season.

Jay Biggerstaff / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/8/a/8a18ae107c3758cbbba7594a7f213a32fc25a631/28.jpg’, title: ‘San Francisco 49ers: acquired OLB Dee Ford’, description: ‘

The 49ers’ pass rush struggled in 2018, so they addressed that need by adding Ford from the Chiefs for a 2020 second-round pick. Staying healthy has been an issue for Ford, but he had 13 sacks and seven forced fumbles last season and showed improved speed. San Francisco should get a solid return if he can remain healthy.

Jay Biggerstaff / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/9/f/9f6cd8992a3c20ebfa4f26a69f50ca628dc4fce3/29.jpg’, title: ‘Seattle Seahawks: signed OG Mike Iupati’, description: ‘

Seattle\’s offensive line, which made progress last season, added a potential starter in Iupati for only $2.75 million. Injury-prone recently, he adds depth for the run-heavy Seahawks.

Jerome Miron / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/e/f/effea17ad069ee28fd46a200a8f3f78654329f8f/30.jpg’, title: ‘Tampa Bay Buccaneers: signed LB Deone Bucannon’, description: ‘

Bucannon, who struggled to stay healthy in recent seasons with Arizona, was a poor fit in Steve Wilks\’ system last year. However, he was productive under Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles and will reunite with that coaching staff in Tampa Bay. The loss of Kwon Alexander hurts, but Bucannon is a good signing at a reasonable price ($2.5 million).

Cary Edmondson / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/6/e/6e2d1972f0389a4524e2d5b8650a4abf863a40c9/31.jpg’, title: ‘Tennessee Titans: acquired QB Ryan Tannehill’, description: ‘

The Titans sorely needed a viable backup for QB Marcus Mariota, who has suffered his fair share of injuries in his brief NFL career.  Tennessee used minimal draft capital to get Tannehill from Miami. He is a clear upgrade over Blaine Gabbert.

Rich Barnes / USA Today Sports Images

‘ } , { src: ‘,f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/b/3/b3751f88dce1fde732ed56e95111f1e4f1a48192/32.jpg’, title: ‘Washington Redskins: signed S Landon Collins’, description: ‘

The top safety on the market, Collins averaged 107 tackles in his four seasons with the Giants and made three straight Pro Bowls. Collins was pricey (six-year, $84 million contract), but he has a chance to transform the defense.

Danielle Parhizkarana / USA Today Sports Images

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