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Here’s how Eli Manning reacted to Giants drafting Daniel Jones

Eli Manning reacted in a very Eli Manning way upon learning the Giants took Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall in the NFL Draft.

At least according to offensive coordinator Mike Shula, who phoned Manning when the Giants decided they were picking Jones. Manning was apparently preoccupied with his son, Charlie, at the time.

“It’s just like another day at work,” Shula said of Manning’s reaction. “I can remember when we drafted him. I called him and said, ‘Hey, we drafted Daniel.’ He said, ‘Oh.’ I can barely hear him because he’s got his youngest in his arms, the baby. He might’ve been changing his diaper or something. ‘Oh yeah, coach, great. See you tomorrow.’

“That’s how he is. That’s how his approach is. I always saw that before I got here with the Giants when he was in front of the media, and he’s that way every single day.”

In the short-tem, it appears Manning won’t have to worry. He remains the Giants’ starting quarterback heading into 2019 and should keep the job as long as the Giants have a chance to make the playoffs. It might even be three years before Jones takes over, with Dave Gettleman shifting his focus from the Kansas City model to the Green Bay model.

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