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How to gain an edge over the bookie

We’ve all been there. We’re trying to find that crucial piece of information that is the key to the game and that lets us beat that nasty bookmaker and its odds and lines. Most people are searching for betting tips and predictions to read some expert opinions about the game, but trouble is, you can’t know who is a real expert and who is not. Let’s use this article to try to teach you to separate wheat from chaff when it comes to betting advice writers.

No statistics

Statistics may matter in NBA since they play every night, but in NFL they don’t matter much unless you’re playing fantasy. Anything can happen any given Sunday, there are only 16 games in a regular season and it’s often a case of paper-scissors-rock when it comes to teams that beat each other, there’s no universal measure of power as this is a complex game. There will be mismatches in run offense/defense, pass offense/defense, and even in smaller things such as wide receiver / cornerback duel. Coaches matter, too. Have you noticed some coaches seem to always have an edge over some other coaches? Good preparation is key. And when all things are considered, stats of past meetings and of past gameweeks don’t matter much, if at all. In football willpower plays a large role, so it’s more common than what is usual in sports to see a reaction from the team. If they lose a game, they’re actually more likely to win the next one, regardless of the opponent.

No bandwagons

In football, you can notice that a public perception of a team is clouding everyone’s judgement. One of the most notable examples are the 2018 Chicago Bears, who have been considered one of the worst teams in the league even when they started winning with Mitch Trubisky under center. They were constantly looked down on even through they had a five-game winning streak betweeen weeks 8 and 12 inclusive. Then they took out the Rams, Packers, Niners and Vikings in the last four games of the regular season and suddenly were called Superbowl contenders because of their defense. So, in one season, the perception of a team has ranged from 0-16 to a Superbowl winner, and the team was the same throughout that season and posted fairly regular results. The team didn’t have a losing record at any point in that season. This only goes to show that our judgement of a team’s quality is heavily influenced by our prejudice against the team. Try the see the team for what it really is, good or bad.

Yes matchups

If a writer is talking about positional matchups, poor tight end defense, good run game, and especially if he can put that into a schedule-adjusted context, then you might be onto something. This guy probably knows what he’s talking about and he’s got some stats to back it up. Still, your job is to try to detect if the writer had a set opinion before he started writing the article and then just added that info that serves a purpose of backing his initial prediction up, or did he do research and then let the conclusions make themselves. The latter is, of course, a superior way to come up with a prediction of an NFL game.

Pay good attention to what your favorite authors are saying about the game, and are they using general statistics to try to persuade you it’s a real prediction although it’s not, or are they knowledgeable about football and can tell you which way the game is going to go. After you gather several quality authors, you’ll be able to rely on them alone when you’re trying to predict a football game. Try to cull all the poor websites and poor authors, as they’ll only cloud your judgement.

And, of course, keep reading New York Giants Fansite as we got all the relevant NY Giants news, so you can get quality info about the inner workings of this team and will then be able to place a better bet on or against the Giants. Good information is key. What you want to avoid at all costs is reading some article that’s throwing a lot of stats at you and mistake it for a betting preview because it says it is one. You’ll get better info just reading our factual news about the Giants.

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