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Importance of betting offers

Betting on NFL is something that is usually done in the same old way week after week – you look at the games, you make your picks against the spread, and you hope to be better than 55% or so in order to make a profit over the course of the season. This is all good, but there are several things, such as betting offers, that can help a guy make some more money on the NFL.

We need an edge if we can get one, and bookmaker deposit bonuses are the best thing we’ve got. Almost all bookmakers offer them, so someone who knows what he’s doing will be visiting all of them, claiming their deposit bonus in the process. You may think that we’d run out of deposit bonuses quickly, but that’s not the case. There are so many bookmakers to choose from that you always have a new one you can sign up with.

The obvious problem is that most bookmakers don’t accept US citizens, but again it’s important to think outside the box and not just visit the same old brands we all know, but look for new bookmakers that might be willing to take you as a customer and also offer a deposit bonus or some other promotion. For example, 5Dimes is the holy grail for people who bet on player props as you can adjust the line as you wish, but some other bookmaker would be more suitable to betting on the spread or the totals because it’s offering a deposit bonus.

It’s actually very easy to claim a deposit bonus if you’re betting on NFL, as most bonuses have minimal odds you must bet on, and if you’re betting on the spread the odds will be good enough. You’ll just play your normal game and in no time you’ll meet the bonus requirements and will be able to withdraw the money. It doesn’t make sense not to do this!

Obviously, if someone is a bonus hunter he will have to keep opening new accounts with different bookmakers, which can be a tedious process, and will never get comfortable enough with a bookmaker as he’ll only spend a short time there – and therefore will not be playing at the best bookmaker most of the time. The best bookmaker being the one that offers the best lines, best odds, and the other bets you may be interested in. Also, some people may think you’re supposed to play this game fair and just keep trying to make your picks against the spread and beat the bookie that way.

There are pros and cons, and it’s up to each player to decide what he wants to do. But it makes sense to be on the lookout for new deposit bonuses so you can claim them if you wish and therefore boost your game this season. After all, the one true goal of betting on NFL is to have more money at the end of the season than what you had at the start of the season. And, it might just happen that you’ll discover your new favorite bookmaker by accident, even though you only signed up because of the deposit bonus.

Keep your eyes and ears open, be on the lookout for bonuses or other special offers, and keep trying out new bookmakers. Sooner or later you will settle with one, but even then – don’t stop looking for a better one. Also, keep reading the news about the teams, don’t buy the hype, try to think clearly and you’ll see you’re winning more of your bets and are actually making a profit on NFL.

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