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Landon Collins’ locker report causes Giants contract concern

Landon Collins, the day after the Giants’ season ended, said his “hope is to be here.”

There is a lot of confusion about whether that hope is still intact.

An ESPN report surfaced Wednesday that stated the three-time Pro Bowler cleaned out his locker and said goodbye to teammates, coaches and trainers around the Giants’ facility. The Post’s Paul Schwartz denied the report’s accuracy, saying Collins has not cleaned his locker out, and Giants fans could begin exhaling.

The Giants have been weighing applying the franchise tag — which would bring him back for about $11.25 million — on the safety, who was the subject of trade rumors at last season’s deadline. The 25-year-old would be in high demand if the Giants let him walk, though that possibility would be far-fetched, even if they were not ready to commit to a long-term deal with Collins.

Collins lasted 12 games last season before surgery on a partially torn labrum, and he indicated he wanted to return, even if the franchise tag was not appealing.

“Would I play on [the tag]?” Collins said. “I’ve got no choice. But it’s not a big concern of mine. I know what I’m capable of. Hopefully we work something out before that. If not, the franchise it is. I’ve just got to continue proving myself.”

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