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Mike Francesa walks back comments shaming Corey Ballentine

Mike Francesa is playing cleanup.

The blowhard WFAN host on Tuesday tried to walk back his comments shaming the Giants for drafting Corey Ballentine because he was involved in a shooting.

“They didn’t take a bad kid, it wasn’t his fault, they walked in to a bad situation,” the radioman said on his “Mike’s On” show. “It was a terrible tragic event but the question was what is the storyline [and] we didn’t find out until now.”

On his show Monday, Francesa implied Ballentine wasn’t a “great character guy” and blasted the Giants for drafting him, saying “it doesn’t look good” for the franchise.

Turns out the sixth-round pick and his best friend Dwane Simmons may be innocent victims of a shooting. Simmons was killed in the incident.

Francesa maintains he only meant that “the Giants have been unlucky.”

“That’s the bottom line,” he said. “When you’re bad, everything goes bad. They have to get out of this rut right now.”

Earlier Tuesday, an enraged Francesa called in to WFAN’s “Boomer & Gio” morning show and blasted the hosts for criticizing him over the comments.

A caller on Francesa’s show, Bob from New Jersey, confronted him about the outburst, asking: “You’re not going to talk about this hissy fit?”

“Why would I talk about that? I was driving my son somewhere, the two things they stated were complete lies, they were utter lies,” Francesa said about his competitors.

“I do my show my way. … I’ve been doing it my way for 35 years. I don’t need controversy to sell my show. I don’t need fake, trumped-up arguments to sell my show,” Francesa continued, tearing into the caller.

“They said I killed the Giants on drafting a bad kid when I opened up [with] this could happen to any organization at any time and we have no information about whether he was in the wrong.

“I said it was unlucky or they picked a bad kid,” he insisted.

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