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New York Giants can Win the 2019 NFL Draft in the First Two Rounds

Drafting well boils down to value and filling high-price positions with adequate starters. The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft has plenty of talent to choose from, and the New York Giants can sit still and grab several premium starters in the process.

Rumors of the Giants trading up into the draft to grab their guy has bubbled, but the reality is, they don’t need to. They can still select their quarterback and bolster the defensive line with talent.

What should the New York Giants do in the draft?

With the 6th pick, general manager Dave Gettleman cannot pass on his choice at quarterback. With Kyler Murray off the board, he must take Dwayne Haskins without blinking an eye. Sitting behind Eli Manning for a season will do wonders for his development and give him the preparation tools to excel at the NFL level.

Haskins is a superb option at No. 6 as he brings tangible and intangible talents across the board. Solid arm strength, footwork, accuracy, and leadership abilities all paint the picture of his foundation. Bringing him into New York would certainly bring the best out of the young passer – the fame and attention seem to be something he feeds off of.

However, the Giants could go the defensive route and take a top pass rusher with the 6th pick instead, leaving the 17th as a passer allocation. Personally, I don’t see the Giants doing this. They are better off waiting for a top defensive prospect at no. 17 – options like Clemson’s Clelin Ferrel, Christian Wilkins, and Michigan’s Devin Bush could all be available.

The goal should ultimately be to fill impact positions with grade-A prospects, and these options would make the most sense.

What position should be filled in the second round?

Grabbing a quarterback and impact player on the defensive line would put the Giants in great shape heading into the 2019 season, and the only essential need left would be at right tackle. While there are voids in the secondary and at linebacker, solving the RT position should be a priority in the second round.

Just as Gettleman drafted Will Hernandez in the top of the second round in 2018, he will elect to take Dalton Risner of Kansas State this year. The line will finally be complete and Eli Manning will have plenty of protection to play at a high level. It will be his final shot at success and having a young passer waiting in the wings would only attest to that reality.


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