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New York Giants: Daniel Jones is being set up to fail

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Ever since the New York Giants drafted quarterback Daniel Jones, he has been put in a position to fail. A lackluster offensive line in 2019 did not help his progression, especially in the turnovers category. His lack of pocket awareness proved to be a significant deficiency, and being pressured on nearly every snap undoubtedly didn’t help his better understanding of the game at the next level.

Despite the noticeable cons, that doesn’t mean Jones hasn’t taken developmental steps forward. In 2020, he has shown more confidence in the pocket and has stuck in there like a man, according to Joe Judge.

However, with a rookie left tackle and new players at center and right tackle, the cohesion of the offensive front was always going to be tumultuous. Jones was simply going to have to deal with the slow chemistry building of his protection. That ultimately meant he would have to move around the pocket more and rely on his senses to feel pressure and react accordingly. Through two weeks, he already has four turnovers, which has been a significant reason for the Giants’ defeats. Winning the turnover battle is the easiest way to increase your probability of winning.

Jones is far from the only one to blame for their losses, but there are factors he needs to improve upon. With that being said, injuries to star running back Saquon Barkley and wide receiver Sterling Shepard won’t help him moving forward. The Giants need to establish a running game and give him time in the pocket to feel comfortable and throw the ball adequately.

The issue is, his wide receivers are dwindling, and he doesn’t have a number one go-to target. Darius Slayton represents his best option, but he is a former fifth-round pick and is still developing in the NFL.

The New York Giants need more consistency across the board:

Defensively, the Giants were put in a whole against the Chicago Bears in week two. Down 17-0 at halftime, the Giants made a strong comeback but ultimately failed to convert on the Bears’ 10-yard line with four seconds left on the clock.

Good teams find a way, and the Giants simply aren’t a good team yet. That doesn’t mean Jones hasn’t shown positives and put his name in the conversation of franchise quarterback, but it’s too early to coin him the face of the franchise.

Turning the ball over as many times as Jones has is a problem, and it is something he must work on. That coincides with strong offensive line play and running the ball more effectively. Overall, he hasn’t been helped much by his teammates, and I think when each unit comes together and plays a strong overall game, we will see a Daniel Jones that has been absent through one season and two games.

I would also be remiss not to mention the turnover of offensive playbooks. Starting off with Pat Shurmur in 2019, Jones was immediately asked to learn an entirely new playbook. That would set back any quarterback going into their second year in the NFL. Just look at Josh Rosen, who is currently watching Tom Brady play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the stands.

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