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New York Giants: Dave Gettleman Praised By James Bradberry

New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman is far from the most popular one the Giants have had, as shown by the calls for his firing this offseason that fell on deaf ears – but there’s still multiple figures within the organization that will stand by him and his skills. Apparently, one of those people that supports Gettleman is one of the latest free agent signings of the Giants, former Panthers cornerback James Bradberry, who was originally drafted by Gettleman in Carolina.

He had some decent things to say about Gettleman recently, while speaking to Jim Rome on Monday about his reasons for coming to the Giants over other suitors.

“I just felt like New York was a better fit for me. I knew Mr. Gettleman and I knew what type of organization he’s trying to build over there. I knew some of the players over there as well and they had nothing but good things to say about the organization,” Bradberry said, speaking about picking the Giants over the Lions.

It contradicts the theory that has gone around in rumors this offseason that players and staff don’t want to work or play for Gettleman – the narrative has died down as of more recently, but previously in the offseason seemed like the prevailing one around the General Manager, and was one of the multiple reasons a lot of the fanbase has pushed for his firing.

Then again, there’s no telling if Bradberry’s opinion is shared by most of the outside free agents the Giants may target in the future – while Bradberry has never played for the Giants, he does have experience with Gettleman in the past from Carolina, where he’s had success as a player on Gettleman’s roster.

This leaves one specific question without an answer. Has the narrative of Dave Gettleman being poor at attracting talent been broken by now, or is this just a case of Bradberry being fond of the General Manager that brought him into the league?

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