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New York Giants: Dave Gettleman Scouted Will Grier At WVU-OU Game

Will Grier isn’t a name that has been tied to the New York Giants much this season. While the West Virginia quarterback was considered one of the better draft prospects going into the season, his hype was originally overtaken by Justin Herbet and Drew Lock, along with certain others such as NC State’s Ryan Finley. Now, though, it’s less clear who the top quarterback in the draft is and it’s important to consider more of the options.

Grier is definitely one of the options for the Giants, especially since it looks likely that they might not pick number one overall like many projected after their terrible start to the season. Apparently, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman also considers Grier an option, because Gettleman was in Morgantown on Friday night to do some scouting in person.

West Virginia faced Oklahoma for a spot in the Big 12 title game, and while they fell short, Grier led their offense to dropping 56 points on the #6 team in the country. Despite losing the game, he outplayed opposing quarterback Kyler Murray and threw for 539 yards and four touchdowns and no interceptions, compared to Murray’s 364 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

Of course, West Virginia’s style of offense is different from an NFL one, and it’s worth considering that when looking at Grier as an NFL prospect. This is the same school, after all, that relatively recently made Geno Smith look like a player with a very good potential to be a starting quarterback. Still, from a pure numbers perspective, Grier is the best quarterback that has been linked to the Giants. He entered the game at the #7 spot on the passing yards rankings list, but by the time the standings settle down after Saturday’s game, he’ll likely have moved up into the top five.

Right now, the Giants would have the fifth pick in the draft if the season ended today. It seems like one of the other higher rated prospects could be drafted by then, and if the Giants really want a quarterback, Grier would be an option at number five overall potentially. It all depends on how things stand at the end of the college season, when things have settled down and we all have a better idea of which quarterbacks teams are targeting.

But it’s more than likely that Gettleman was impressed with what he saw from Will Grier on Friday night. It was, after all, the quarterback’s best game of the season, and it came against the toughest opponent that West Virginia has faced this year.

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