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New York Giants: Eli Manning’s final season will likely be 2019

The reality of the 2019 season is becoming very real for New York Giants veteran quarterback, Eli Manning. As he ramps up his training regime and practices more strenuously to retain the starting job, the heat of competition is slowly irking up his spine, in the shape of rookie passer Daniel Jones and father time.

The Giants drafted him 6th overall but have elected to sit him behind Manning for a season to assist in his development and growth.

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Despite general manager Dave Gettleman stating that Jones could sit behind Manning for the next two/three years, it’s not practical or realistic to perceive that as the truth. Jones has progressed well this offseason, refining his skills and adapting to the NFL skill-level.

The fact of the matter is, Jones might be just as capable as Eli in 2020, and the Giants can’t hold him back from gaining valuable experience in favor of a passer well-beyond his prime, even if he does have a stellar offensive line and a plethora of weapons at his disposal.

Head coach Pat Shurmur left the quarterback position open despite Manning being the assumed starter.

“I think we’re going to play the very best player,” he said when asked if there was a quarterback competition between Manning and rookie Daniel Jones. “I know we’re dancing around the words there. Eli is getting ready to have a great year, and Daniel is getting ready to play. We’ll see what happens with it.”

Jones might be ready to take on the task of becoming the starter, but it isn’t necessary just yet with the Giants still rebuilding and lacking quality at several positions.

A realistic fan would say the 2019 season is a developmental one and the genuine start to the future is in 2020 when Jones should take over. However, plugging him in specific scenarios and allowing him to gain experience isn’t out of the question.


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