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New York Giants: Gettleman And Judge To Face Media During Combine

New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman has been criticized in the past for avoiding the press, but that might be less of an issue this season as the General Manager tries to correct certain problems after nearly losing his job in the offseason. One potential change is in availability with the press, and more press conferences looks like a step in the right direction… And based on the latest news out of the Giants organization, it looks like Gettleman may just be serious about that.

Both Gettleman and rookie head coach Joe Judge are set to hold press conferences next Tuesday at the NFL Draft Combine, which the Giants are sending their whole staff to this year.

Judge, of course, has only had a limited number of media appearances so far – but that’s reasonable given his status as a new head coach that’s still busy sorting things out with the team and maybe even working on the final touches to a staff that could see change already if Bret Bielema ends up departing for college before coaching a game for the Giants.

It’s Gettleman that the fans will likely be more curious to hear from, because Gettleman holds the choice at the end of the day for what the Giants are going to do with the fourth overall pick, whether that’s taking an impact player or trading it down to a quarterback needy team to acquire more picks for later in the Draft.

Presumably we might hear questions about specific players too, considering the Combine and the multitude of players who have been linked to the Giants and their first round draft pick. There are other situations too that may draw the attention of the press – the Leonard Williams contract one may be brought up.

While it still remains to be seen how tough questions will be handled, it is good to see the organization living up to its promises of being more accessible.

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