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New York Giants Need To Prioritize These Two Players In Free Agency

The New York Giants have seemingly taken a more serious approach toward building the offensive line ever since general manager Dave Gettleman was hired. Adding players like Nate Solder, Will Hernandez, Jamon Brown, and now Kevin Zeitler has changed the entire course of the offense and Eli Manning’s career.

With Brown likely on his way out as Zeitler will take over at right guard, the Giants are in need of a starting right tackle. It’s possible they could utilize their first/second round pick on a tackle, but I expected them to target one of Gettleman’s draft picks in Carolina – Daryl Williams.

What would Williams bring to the New York Giants?

The 6’6″, 330-pound tackle could arguably be the perfect fit for Big Blue. With only $27 million in cap space, there will be heavy competition for the offensive lineman, and the Giants have to limit how much they spend.

Williams is coming off an injury-riddled 2018 season as he tore his MCL and dislocated his knee during training camp. But, at 26-years-old, the Panther could give the Giants safety at a position that has been manned by Chad Wheeler and Bobby Hart the last three years.

The second-team All-Pro in 2017 ranked as one of the best right tackles in the NFL – 5th. He finished 33rd in pass-blocking efficiency in his last full year, which averages in the middle of the pack.

The Giants should look towards a well-known safety for secondary support:

I don’t anticipate Gettleman bringing in any players that mimic Landon Collins exactly. The fact of the matter is that his inability to cover tight ends was troublesome and a liability. Letting him walk is essentially letting an elite run-stopping option go, but his lack of specific skills will likely influence the Giants in finding a dual-threat safety.

Tyrann Mathieu, Houston Texans free safety, is a fantastic option in free agency. He would be a massive upgrade over Curtis Riley in the backfield, especially in regards to tackles and picking the right angles. Riley was devastatingly bad at angling his tackles to stop runners in the secondary.

Mathieu, recorded 89 combined tackles acting as safety and occasional cornerback. He earned two interceptions and eight passes defended. Having a player like the Honey Badger in the secondary theoretically takes pages out of the opposing offense’s playbook.

Most offensive coordinators will target weaknesses on the defense, and taking away the deep ball allows the Giants to keep the ball in front of them and swarm, similar to what the Dallas Cowboys do.

Bringing on a player like Mathieu won’t be cheap, but he could be secured on a two-year deal worth $16 million.




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