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New York Giants Reveal Plans at Right Tackle Ahead of Draft

General manager Dave Gettleman has made it very clear that the New York Giants are under his command – releasing fan favorites left and right. The departure of Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins was a punch in the gut, but they represented the past regime’s failure year-in and year-out.

The most intriguing aspect of this process has been Gettleman’s approach towards free agency. By keeping quiet, he’s revealed several plans for the draft ahead and what is in store in his diabolical plan for a resurgence. On Wednesday, Gettleman reassured the fan base than, in fact, he does have a plan and the moves leading up to this point have all been a part of it.

Deciphering the New York Giants’ plan at right tackle:

The fact of the matter is that the Giants would have made a run at right tackle Daryl Williams if they were keen on adding a quality player to the position during free agency. In the trade with Cleveland, the Giants acquired the No. 17 overall pick, which is steering more towards an offensive line selection.

Williams signed a one-year, prove-it deal with the Panthers for $7 million. This is a seldom price to pay considering how badly the Giants need an upgrade at right tackle. It’s theoretically the last piece in the puzzle, but Gettleman has made it clear that he prefers to utilize draft capital alternatively.

The Giants may opt to optimize for cost-efficiency:

The Giants already have two big offensive line contracts on the roster in Nate Solder and Kevin Zeitler, so addressing the weak spot through the draft could certainly be the right move. Alabama tackle Jonah Williams comes to mind when considering players at No. 17. He’s expected to be on the board at that point in the draft and he fits the bill perfectly for a right-handed quarterback.

Williams is a pure hog-mollie, centered around power and mobility. He has the athleticism to play both left and right tackle, which is an added bonus for the Giants. Despite his strengths, Williams has shorter arms restricting his reach. There are scouts that believe he would be a better guard option, but there’s no question he be a great option if available for Big Blue on draft night.

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