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New York Giants: Shula Claims Jones Could Be A Day 1 Starter… If Needed

Daniel Jones might be the most polarizing figure of the offseason for the New York Giants. The team drafted Jones in the top ten and ever since then, the media has been following Jones closer than any of the other new acquisitions for the Giants this year. It makes sense, to an extent. Jones will either go down as the future of the team, or a massive bust, and no matter which of those two routes happens, the decision to draft Jones should be one of the most important ones of the year.

The Giants organization itself, however, is obviously very high on Jones. They wouldn’t have drafted him if that wasn’t the case, and Jones has already been drawing compliments from the coaching staff, first Pat Shurmur and now Mike Shula. It’s one thing to be highly rated by the front office, but being highly rated by the coaching staff that’s responsible for the day to day coaching of the team is another story entirely.

Here’s what offensive coordinator Mike Shula had to say about the team’s new quarterback:

Of course, Jones isn’t being asked to be a day one starting with the New York Giants, which is fortunate. The chances of a rookie succeeding right off the bat are far lower than their chances of doing well after spending some time in the league and learning behind a more experienced player, and in the case of the Giants, that player in front of Jones is the legendary Eli Manning.

If the team needed Jones to start, however, Shula claims that Jones would be ready to go. It won’t be too long before we get a chance to see how Jones really stacks up against NFL competition, however. This preseason will be an important one for multiple reasons, last but not least because it’s the first real look fans will get at Jones.

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