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New York Giants to evaluate quarterbacks, what’s the truth behind it?

Developing a sense of competition and work-ethic starts with the coaching staff, and new head coach for the New York Giants, Joe Judge, is prioritizing instability at every position.

Judge wants every player to fight for their job like it’s on the line, even if it’s technically not. The rookies from 2019 are more than likely staying put in New York, but we’ve seen trades occur before that send players elsewhere. However, at the quarterback position, Daniel Jones will probably be the option for the foreseeable future.

Judge stated that they would be evaluating passers in the draft, to ensure every player currently on the New York Giants that if Jones isn’t safe, neither are they.

Dave Gettleman, on the other hand, had a different approach, tailored around building his draft board and solidifying a value for each player.

“We evaluate every position, because you want to set your board the right way,” general manager Dave Gettleman told reporters on Tuesday. “If you don’t evaluate everybody in the draft, whether people perceive you have a need at that position or not, your board is not right, and if your board is not right, you can’t maneuver properly. Your board has to be right. You have to evaluate everybody and give them the full schmear. You don’t just want to be cursory, ‘Aw yeah okay, he’s going in the first round. Here’s his grade.’ No. You evaluate them because it’s the only way you can operate.”

The New York Giants could draft a QB in 2020, just not ‘that’ QB:

The Giants have selected a quarterback in the three of the last four drafts, indicating that Gettleman could pursue a backup option in the later rounds this year. It’s always a good idea to draft a quarterback, look at how the Patriots operate –they have developed both Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garappolo in the past, ensuring Tomy Brady had a quality backup but also a potential trade piece the team could utilize. Passers have the highest positional value, so hitting on a late-round player gives the team leverage in the future if they pan out.


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