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New York Giants: Tony Romo Claims Eli Manning Must Be More Like Elway

The quarterback situation for the New York Giants has picked up enough attention for even former rivals to comment on it. That situation, of course, has to do with whether or not Eli Manning will be the starting quarterback during the 2019 season, and whether or not the Giants will draft his eventual replacement with the sixth overall pick. The situation has brought out plenty of opinions within the Giants fanbase. And apparently, from the rest of the league, ex-rivals included.

Tony Romo has played against the Giants plenty of times, but has shown support for Manning, saying that Manning still has time left in his career. That, however, isn’t without certain conditions being met. According to Romo, Manning needs a better situation around him to win.

“At a certain age, you can’t carry the football team like you once did week-in and week-out,” Romo told CBS. “At different times in your career, you were asked to do that and you could. Your body could physically take the punishment. At a certain point, it needs to be more of the John Elway (path). You can make those plays and this team depends on your football acumen to come through and your knowledge and getting to the correct play and making the big throw.”

But while Romo said that Manning can still make plays using his knowledge, he did state that it’s harder without more talent on the rest of the team. “But to carry it for four quarters on the road with a football team around you that is not playing at the level of the other team, that’s much harder to do the older you get,” he continued. “To me, it just comes down to their team.”

Romo went on to state that Manning can do well, but that he’ll have to be protected by his offensive line… Something that didn’t happen at many points during this last season. “I think with all these things he can still easily perform at a high level. It just required a little more than that.”

All of these things seem to be true. The real question is, can the Giants fix some of the flaws in their offense and take a step forward before the start of next season?

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