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New York Giants Won’t Be 2019’s Hard Knocks Team

The New York Giants are likely breathing a sigh of relief right now after it was announced that the Oakland Raiders will be the team featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks. This, of course, means that the Giants won’t be on the show – which is often maligned by the fans of the teams featured on it, as a distraction that no team wants to have around their locker room during the important training camp period each year.

Still, one team has to appear on the show every year and the Giants were one of the main teams that analysts speculated would show up, and had some of the highest Vegas odds to appear on the show. But anyone who bet on the Giants will be disappointed, as it’s Oakland that will appear on the show.

The Giants and the Raiders have been in somewhat similar states during recent years with the Raiders having slightly worse fates and finishing worse off than the Giants did. They drafted defensive end Clelin Ferrel at number four overall while the Giants infamously took quarterback Daniel Jones two picks later at number six.

The Raiders were also thought to be in the market for a quarterback after last season, but unlike the Giants, it looks like they’re sticking with their current franchise QB for another year without making serious moves to acquire other options.

The Giants, meanwhile, have had little drama during this offseason – something which should stay the same now that Hard Knocks is confirmed to not be following the team this season, something that most Giants fans will appreciate as this offseason rolls past quietly compared to 2018’s.

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