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NFL Draft Rumors: Are Redskins after potential Giants target Dwayne Haskins?

Depending on which pieces of information you trust, Dwayne Haskins is either a terrific pocket-passer with a great mental approach who should go early in the first round of the NFL Draft, or he isn’t a first-round talent at all.

According to ESPN’s Diana Russini, the Redskins believe Haskins is the former — and have made him their target. 

The Redskins currently have the No. 15 pick in the Draft, and also have a second-round pick (No. 46). 

If Washington is after Haskins, there are two ways it could impact the Giants.

  • The Redskins could look to trade up with a team like the Jets (who have the No. 3 pick and are “determined” to trade down), leaping over the Giants and taking Haskins there.
  • The Redskins could sit tight and hope Haskins drops to them at No. 15, potentially snatching him up two picks before the Giants make second selection of the first round.

The above assumes the Giants are interested in Haskins. And if they are, they should look to take Haskins at No. 6, as SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano wrote Tuesday

Aside from Haskins, the quarterback the Giants have been linked to the most is Daniel Jones.

If Haskins winds up with the Giants, who sent a large contingent to his pro day and visited with him earlier this month, he’s happy to sit and learn from Eli Manning.

“Eli Manning is a legend,” Haskins said last weekon Ian Rapoport’s RapSheet and Friends podcast. “I grew up watching Eli and I’d have no problem sitting behind him and learning from him, like how I did with J.T. [Barrett] at Ohio State. Whatever team drafts me, I’ll be able to sit back and learn from the guy that’s there and be able to compete with him and push him, but know that a guy’s there because he’s a veteran, he’s done it before, he’s professional.”

Giants GM Dave Gettleman has been open about wanting to follow the “Kansas City Model” — drafting a successor for Manning and then having that quarterback learn before making a smooth transition to the starting role. 

Haskins set Big 10 records in his one season as a starter at Ohio State and is regarded by many as the best pure pocket-passer in the Draft.

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