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NFL Notes: Nick Foles, Kyler Murray, Thomas Davis

Nick Foles

  • Multiple sources have told Zack Rosenblatt of that it’s unlikely he returns to the Eagles as Carson Wentz‘s backup for the 2019 season. However, this could change if he can’t secure a starting job with another team. 
  • According to Rosenblatt, Foles would “probably” be interested in with the Giants if they decide to move on from Eli Manning. However, reports have said that’s unlikely. 
  • We have him featured in our Top 100 – 2019 NFL Free Agents list.

Kyler Murray

  • Joel Corry of CBS Sports notes that Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray will initially earn “significantly” more in the NFL as a first-round pick than with the Oakland Athletics.
  • Corry points out that the No. 32 overall in the first round will earn near 85 percent more guaranteed money through his NFL contract compared to his signing bonus from the A’s.  
  • To break even with his MLB contract, Murray would have to be drafted by the No. 39 overall pick, which is the seventh pick of the second round. The guaranteed money projected at No. 39 is around $4.7 million, while a four-year rookie contract would be about $7.4 million.
  • If Murray had chosen baseball, Corry writes that his signing bonus would have likely been his “only big payday” for at least the next few years, given he would likely spend two or three years in the Minor Leagues. Once in the majors, it would have been at least three years before becoming salary arbitration eligible.

Thomas Davis

Long-time Panthers LB Thomas Davis admitted that he was nervous about testing the open market this offseason, but he’s now looking forward to it. 

“I’m a little nervous about it, but looking forward to it,” Davis said in an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio. “For me, I’ve been around this league a long time and I understand that this is a business. Guys don’t really last that long on one team anymore. Ever since the whole free agency thing started back in the ‘90s, guys don’t really stay on the same team for the duration of their careers unless you’re a quarterback.”

Davis said he initially took the news that the Panthers are moving on from him personally, but he understands the direction they’re headed. 

“For me, I kind of took it personally when I first heard the news, but after a week or so I understood,” Davis said. “I understand that it’s the business and now I’m just really looking forward to really going out and showing another team what I’m capable of still doing as a football player.

We have him featured in our Top 100 – 2019 NFL Free Agents list.

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