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NY Giants: The Delusional Backing Of Eli Manning Continues

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning

The delusional backing of NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning continues. 

The Giants-Eli Manning saga is beginning to remind me of the Ron and Sam relationship from the MTV Show “Jersey Shore.”

Do both sides love each other? Yes.

Do both sides want it to work? Yes.

Did they have some nice moments together? Yes.

But we all knew the relationship had no shot because those two just wouldn’t stop fighting.

They justified their clear disconnection by making excuses based on “love” and emotion – not the facts of the matter.

And based on their love, the minute either one showed a nice gesture, they would get back together and continue an incredibly unhealthy relationship that had no long-term chance.

Make any excuse you want for Manning but that fact that people are getting excited that he’s played well against two teams who are top six in the league in points per game allowed (who have five wins combined) goes to show the agenda and narrative that people want to make true when it comes to Eli.

This is a lovey dovey, Ron and Sam attempt at justifying a bad relationship that needs to end sooner rather than later.

When the games mattered (in the first half of the season), Manning threw for eight touchdowns in eight games against quality opponents (1-7 record).

The Giants quarterback, to this point in the season, has thrown just five touchdown passes in the first, second, and third quarter combined, with four interceptions, averaging 600 yards passing each quarter.

In the fourth quarter, he’s thrown for eight touchdowns, two interceptions, and has over 1,000 yards passing.

With three of those touchdowns specifically defined as “garbage time” touchdowns.

  • vs. Dallas: down 17 points before scoring with 1:27 remaining in the game
  • vs. Washington: down 14 points before scoring with 0:17 remaining in the game
  • vs. Atlanta: down 11 points before scoring with 0:05 remaining in the game

Not to mention, two touchdowns against the Carolina Panthers, as Manning tried to play “catch up” football when they were down by 11 points mid-way through the fourth quarter.

Which was also a game where Odell Beckham Jr. had to throw a touchdown pass of his own to give the Giants a pulse.

So, what’s the point of this article?

The point is not to “hate” on Manning, but rather, to provide a realistic outlook and to give his play a certain amount of context.

I keep hearing people say:

“The Giants have played one score games in five of their seven losses. They aren’t far off. Give Eli some more time in the pocket and the Giants can win some of these games. He should be their ‘bridge’ quarterback next season.”

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OK, but like, I just provided legitimate context on those “close games” and why they weren’t really as close as the final score said they were.

Notice how the Giants don’t “control” many games.

Games against the Houston Texans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only two where they came out playing well and held their own throughout the entirety of the contest.

But that’s just about it.

Which goes to show that (A) they aren’t a very good team and (B) that their quarterback is not helping them get off to a hot start.

Which is told by his five touchdowns in 10 games in the first, second, and third quarter combined.

Let me ask those who watch the Giants this question:

Aren’t you tired of seeing them dig themselves in the same hole (W-L record), while hearing the same excuses for Manning, every season?

Just move on.

I mean, even if Manning is given strong protection and performs well, what’s his ceiling?

Maybe 6-8 wins for the Giants?

Not for nothing, but it’s not like he’s been torching opposing defenses during their two-game win-streak.

He threw for 188 yards against a bad 49ers defense in a close game.

And he attempted just 18 passes vs Tampa Bay, as Saquon Barkley put the offense on his back (three total touchdowns).

What do those numbers tell you about Manning?

A) He’s not much of a playmaker

B) The Giants know that he’s not much of a playmaker (judging by his workload)

His role has been reduced to being a game manager, which is not beneficial to an offense that was constructed to set the world on fire (Barkley, Beckham Jr. Shepard, Engram).

And I know what people are going to say when I call Manning a “game manager” …

“But he’s 9th in the league in passing yards.”

Again, he’s accumulated over 1,000 passing yards in the fourth quarter as he tries to play “catch up” for three quarters of bad play (as defenses play a more prevent-style of defense).

And his 13 passing touchdowns on the season are six fewer than any other quarterback inside the top 10 in passing yards.

Which, again, proves his limitations.

It’s a cute story to think the Giants can run the table (I guess anything is possible) but they need to stop doing this.

They need to stop living in a “you never know what can happen” world.

Manning, and the offense that he runs, statistically proved in 2013, 2016, and 2017 that it’s probably best for the Giants to find their next quarterback.

Instead, they wanted to believe in his magic.

Look how that’s turned out for them.

Stop falling for it.

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