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Odell Beckham Jr. bashed the Giants in Twitter rant Monday night

Former Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. continued to call out his former team on Twitter on Monday night.

A day after Beckham called out Giants GM Dave Gettleman for his comments about the team not having a culture problem “anymore”, Beckham tweeted his side of the story when he wanted to return from injury but head coach Pat Shurmur wouldn’t let him.

A sampling of Beckham airing the Giants’ dirty laundry…

Though Beckham, whom the Giants traded to the Browns last month, has repeatedly said his fresh start with Cleveland is “the biggest blessing in my entire life,” this isn’t the first time the star receiver has taken a shot at the Giants this offseason.

The continued bashing from Beckham is also odd since there is nothing coming from the Giants to warrant it. Perhaps Beckham is still hurt (that was his first emotion after the trade) and this is his way of trying to get over that. 

Either way, whether they’re being truthful or not, the Giants have maintained that trading Beckham was a football move. They didn’t kick him on the way out the door, but that hasn’t stopped Beckham from ranting. 

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